Is Counter-Strike 2 getting a console release? Can you sign up for Beta & limited testing?

Counter-Strike 2 console

If you’re curious about the possibility of a console release of Counter-Strike 2, or if you simply want to know how to sign up for beta and limited testing, we’ve got you covered.

Is Counter-Strike 2 getting a console release?

While a console release of Counter-Strike 2 has not been officially announced, there have been numerous rumors indicating that it will occur. So far, the most compelling evidence comes from Chad ‘Spunj’ Birchill, an analyst, host, and commentator who mouthed the word “console” on stream while discussing a topic he is not allowed to discuss.

Of course, this could all be speculative or in the early stages, but it does appear to point to something that many people were already thinking.

While it’s impossible to know precisely how Counter-Strike 2 would look on console, we do have some idea thanks to the fact that CS:GO was ported to the PS3 and Xbox 360 with limited success shortly after its release.

If it is true that we will see Counter-Strike 2 on console, Valve will have learned a lot from this initial experience. Some features are likely to be omitted from the console version purely due to controller constraints, as Ubisoft did with Rainbow Six: Siege, but it could also be one of the first mouse and keyboard exclusive games for the two devices.

Will Counter-Strike 2 be on PlayStation & Xbox?

Counter-Strike 2 will not be available on PlayStation or Xbox when it launches in the summer of 2023. The sequel is expected to be a PC-only release at first.

Can you register for the Counter Strike 2 beta and limited testing?

Valve’s highly anticipated tactical shooter goes live today, with the game set to release in Summer 2023. According to their announcement page, the test is currently available to a few select CS:GO players and that the game will be available as a free upgrade to CSGO.

At the moment, there is no way to register for the Counter-Strike 2 Beta, and you will be chosen based on your Counter-Strike rankings.

If you’ve been chosen for the live test, you’ll be notified in the CS:GO main menu, so check there to see if you’re one of the lucky few. You can then download the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test by clicking Enroll.

If you haven’t been chosen, don’t worry; they will be updating who has been enrolled as the beta progresses.

That’s everything we know about Counter-Strike 2.