Inspirational professional women in male dominated industry

The work force has been slow to evolve in terms of gender inequality despite recent efforts to bring this issue to the forefront. However, there have been some significant developments that have seen more women enter certain male dominated industries. These successful women serve as role models for women around the world.

Danica Patrick, Race car Driver
One particular sport that was considered a male sports decades was that of motor sports. However, this all changed when Danica Patrick broke through the glass ceiling and began racing Indy cars. In 2008, Patrick became the first woman to win a race in the Indy series. She later moved to racing stock cars through NASCAR. Those infamous words in racing for years, “Gentlemen, start your engines” were now changed to “Drivers, start your engines” with the addition of Patrick.

General Ann Dunwoody

Another industry that was long dominated by men was the military. Eventually women became accepted as soldiers but were lacking in regards to the higher rankings. In 2008, Ann Dunwoody changed all of this when she was promoted to four star general. Dunwoody’s career has been lined with other firsts along her way to general.


Annie Duke, Poker Champion
The game of poker has typically been associated with men over the year. The World Series of Poker Hall of Fame once only featured male players until in 2004. This year Annie Duke became the World Series of Poker Champion. Simply winning this wasn’t enough for some men who still give Duke a difficult time but she takes it all in stride. She admits to using their behaviour against them when playing at the table.
Women have made the issue of gender equality an even more important issue within the past year. It will be interesring to see which male dominated fields will next become integrated with women.