“I wanted to kiss myself.”| Megan Thee Stallion is shown here with her two eerily accurate Madame Tussauds wax figures

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At the Las Vegas Madame Tussauds, Megan Thee Stallion was able to see not one, but two wax replicas of herself!

Megan Thee Stallion poses with two eerily accurate Madame Tussauds wax figures

The 28-year-old rap sensation was present for the Saturday debut of the waxworks; he is best known as the creator of the phrase “hot girl summer.”

She arranged the two figures on either side of a metallic sculpture of a rearing horse, and posted the resulting photo to Instagram.

Megan looked radiant in the new photos, which captured her in a light and airy net dress that showed off her curves.

“I honestly wanted to kiss myself,” she wrote in the post, before addressing her devoted followers with the affectionate phrase, “hotties we are officially famous.”

Megan’s Instagram photo from 2020, in which she revealed the title of her debut album, “Good News,” was the inspiration for one of the wax figures.

She was wearing a skintight jumpsuit that was covered in newspaper headlines, one of which read the name of the record.

Megan, a Houston native, clearly like cowboy hats, as evidenced by the one she wore with her newspaper attire.

Megan, standing behind the statue, tossed her own real-life braid over the wax one as a joke.

The second wax figure was again wearing a cowboy hat, but this time it was paired with a skintight silver bikini.

The seductive two-piece was accessorized with showgirl-worthy fringe and sparkling accessories.

Instagram users were awestruck by how well the waxwork artists resembled Megan.

A third person screamed, “Girl what I thought this was 3 pics of you edited together,” while a second person remarked, “Not me thinking you were one of the wax figures.”

“I wouldn’t tell which one was phony if I hadn’t seen her with the large hair recently.”” One of them gushed, “They did great!” in their report.

“Perhaps you have the most lifelike wax replica ever created”. One commenter expressed amazement that they “legit couldn’t figure out which one was you.”

“They really nailed it; they’ve done a fantastic job for quite some time now. I can’t believe it! That’s fantastic news; you deserve the recognition. check out some more feedback.”

“These are the greatest works of art that they have ever produced!!! The current hairstyle is the only one that has ever accurately represented you to me,” Priscilla Ono, a celebrity makeup artist, famously exclaimed.