Khloe Kardashian poses in a Kim Kardashian T-shirt while holding her son, who her friend Malika Haqq refers to as “Tate” in the comments section

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In two photographs that were uploaded to Instagram, the 38-year-old Good American designer was seen donning a T-shirt that featured Kim, 42, with her auburn hair styled in a casual manner.

Khloe Kardashian, wearing a Kim K. T-shirt, poses with her son, Tate, who is referred to by his buddy Malika Haqq as “Tate” in the comments section

On Friday, Khloe Kardashian enjoyed some good laughs by making fun of her older sister Kim Kardashian.

Reality television While in her house in Hidden Hills, California, Khloé Kardashian was seen cradling her second kid, a son.

It appears that her best friend Malika Haqq mentioned him in the comments, writing ‘”Go Tate!”

It was claimed by The Sun at the beginning of May that his name was Tatum; however, it is not clear whether Tate is a nickname for Tatum.

She also has a daughter who goes by the name True and is five years old.

In the caption for this photo, Khloe wrote, “In my best Kim K voice!”

The honey blonde hair that Khloe wore down and groomed gave her an elegant appearance.

She supplemented her outfit with a pair of worn and tattered pants. Both a watch and a bracelet were on her wrist.

Her son, Tristan Thompson’s son, was dressed in a casual onesie, but his face was covered up so that it was not visible.

Since there were cutting boards behind her, it gave the impression that she was in her kitchen. Additionally, there were vases filled with pink roses.

A year ago, Kim made the statement in reference to her employment. She faced criticism not long after that.

The ex-girlfriend of Kanye West had some words of wisdom to share with working women.

She stated to Variety that, In a condescending manner, she instructed him to “Get your f***ing a** up and work,” she said in a rude tone. “It seems like nobody wants to work these days” said the person.

During an interview on Good Morning America with Robin Roberts, Kim Kardashian shared with Roberts her mixed feelings over the remark.

In addition to that, she stated that the statement was “taken out of context.”

Her line of reasoning went as follows: “Well, that statement that I said was without questions and conversation around it.”

“It became a sound bite really with no context. And that sound bite came off the notion and the question right before, which was after 20 years of being in the business you’re famous for being famous.”

“And I … my whole tone and attitude changed with the previous question that went into that question about what advice would you give to women.”