How to Unlock FJX Horus SMG in MW3, Warzone, and Warzone Mobile

Season 3 has finally dropped the highly anticipated FJX Horus, also known as the MP9 in other games. This versatile SMG is a dream for run-and-gun players, and here’s how you can unlock it for free in both Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) and Warzone:

How to Unlock FJX Horus SMG in MW3, Warzone, and Warzone Mobile

The FJX Horus awaits in Sector 8 of the Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone Season 3 Battle Pass. The good news? You don’t need the premium version! Earn enough Battle Pass tokens to unlock this sector by:

  • Conquering Weekly Challenges: These challenges offer a significant XP boost, propelling you through the tiers.
  • Dominating Matches: Every kill and objective completed contributes to your XP pool.
  • Playing Your Favorite Modes: Whether it’s Multiplayer, Zombies, or Warzone, rack up playtime to accumulate XP.

The grind might be real, but the FJX Horus will be a worthy reward for your dedication.

FJX Horus smg
Image via Activision

For those eager to get their hands on the FJX Horus immediately, the premium BlackCell Battle Pass offers instant unlock for $29.99. This also grants access to exclusive rewards not available in the free version.

The FJX Horus boasts a unique perk – it’s the first weapon to be available in Warzone Mobile too! As long as you own the battle pass in either MW3 or Warzone, you can unlock and progress through the FJX Horus’ 18 levels on the go.

Once unlocked, the FJX Horus shines in various game modes across MW3 multiplayer, MW3 Zombies, Warzone, and Warzone Mobile. Its versatility makes it a favorite for players who crave mobility and firepower.

Why the FJX Horus?

This SMG is a fan favorite for a reason:

  • Unmatched Versatility: The FJX Horus shines in close-quarters combat, packing a punch without sacrificing mobility.
  • Blazing Fire Rate: Unleash a torrent of lead and overwhelm your opponents.
  • Superb Recoil Control: Stay on target even during intense firefights.

So, are you ready to dominate the battlefield with the FJX Horus? With a little effort (or a quick purchase), you can add this versatile SMG to your arsenal and conquer MW3, Warzone, and even Warzone Mobile!