Warzone Season 3 Squad Assemble: How to Earn Bonus XP, Cash, and More

Calling all Warzone troopers! Season 3 brings exciting new ways to play with your squad, and it rewards teamwork handsomely. Here’s the intel on the all-new Squad Assemble feature and Squad Play bonus.

How Squad Assemble in Warzone Season 3 Works

Squad Assemble is a feature that grants bonus XP, cash, and even a special Supply UAV for landing near your teammates at the beginning of a match (Resurgence or Battle Royale). It’s completely optional, but definitely worth coordinating with your squad for some sweet in-game benefits.

Here’s how it works:

  • When the feature is active, you’ll see a notification encouraging you to land with your squad for bonus rewards.
  • When the first teammate lands, a small zone appears around them. The rest of the squad needs to land within this zone to “land together.”
  • Specific landing requirements depend on your squad size. Fulfilling these requirements grants bonus XP, cash, and even a special Supply UAV that reveals nearby legendary loot and personal stash locations!
    • Full Squad Landing (Quads): All four squadmates’ zones must overlap with at least one teammate.
    • Full Squad Landing (Trios): All three zones need to overlap with at least one teammate.
    • Two Half Squad Landings (Quads): Two separate pairs land together, with each pair’s zones overlapping.
    • Majority Squad Landing (Quads/Trios): Two or three teammates (respectively) land with overlapping zones, while one teammate lands separately.
    • Duo Squad Landing (Duos): Both teammates must land within each other’s zones.
Squad Assemble Warzone
Image via Activision


Here’s a breakdown of the rewards you can earn based on your landing strategy:

  • Mark Landing Destination: Every teammate gets XP if any squad member pings the landing location before the first teammate touches down.
  • Full Squad Landing (Quads & Trios): A hefty XP boost, cash bonus, and a Supply UAV revealing legendary loot and personal stashes.
  • Majority Squad Landing (Quads & Trios): A significant XP boost, cash bonus, and a Supply UAV (for landing with two teammates in Quads or one teammate in Trios).
  • Half Squad or Duo Squad Landing (Quads & Duos): Both squadmates receive a moderate XP boost and cash bonus (for landing with one teammate in Quads or your teammate in Duos).

Warzone Season 3 is all about teamwork. With the Squad Assemble feature, there’s never been a better time to grab your friends, drop into the zone together, and rack up those rewards. So get ready to strategize your landing zones, dominate the battlefield, and enjoy the spoils of victory together!