How To Turn A Round Face Into A V-Line Face After 5 Minutes

An oval face, or according to professionals, a V-line face, is now the hottest makeup trend.

Besides natural makeup trend, getting a V-line face from makeup is now prevailing. The images of Korean actresses or singers with their slender, elegant faces and seductive smiles drive people crazy. According to estheticians, a slender face with chin and jaw forming a V-shape is an ideal face, helping with creating sympathy. As a result, more and more girls want to own a beautiful V-line face.

Here is the fastest way to get a V-line face.

Step 1: Protect your skin with rose water

Wash your face and apply rose water

We should first wash our face. After cleaning, apply rose water or other gels that helps tighten pores on your face. This helps your skin control oil and prevents cosmetics to be absorbed too deep into skin, causing stagnancy.

Step 2: Shape the eyebrows and apply a primer

To shape the most natural eyebrows, comb with a brush until they are straight and silky. Continue to use a small brush to apply a moderate amount of brown cream on the eyebrows. Remember to apply on the tails of the eyebrows first and then groom at the front.

Apply the primer evenly

Shape the eyebrows and remember to use brush to rub evenly

Step 3: Shape a V-line face

There are two kinds of highlight and shading: cream and powder. Cream is used before applying the primer and after applying powder. Powder is used after applying a primer or after the making up is complete.

Highlighter is used to brighten your face, making it look more radiant and plump, also make your nose bridge taller.

Shading is used to create depth and slimmer line on your face.

This two colored (dark and white) cosmetic does not only help creating contours but also help adjusting cons or facial imbalance shape. Although applying highlight and shading is simple, you must be really accurate to get the best result.

Normally, the “common formula” is to apply highlight on the T area of your face, below eyes and above the nose bridge. We can use puff to rub waxy dark highlight among the face contours. Depending on the face that you should somehow align to create a feeling of “sinking” cons that you want to hide.

There are two cons on this model’s face: the two jawbones seem not really elegant. You need to apply shadow at two sides of the forehead and chin to balance the pointy face.

Apply highlighter on the cheeks but when apply blusher, drag the brush toward the ears.

The last note is when applying highlighter and shadow; you need to obscure the boundary between the two sides of the forehead and the chin with primer to highlight your radiant face without losing its natural look.

Step 4: Apply eye shadows

Apply pale yellow powder to the upper and lower of eyelids. Then, you can gently apply eye shadows with gentle colors.

Step 5: Draw water lines after attaching eyelashes

Draw eyeliner in black or dark blue and then attach eyelashes.

Step 6: The last step

Again, apply a light layer of powder

Apply another layer of powder and then again, highlight the T area with bright color and two sides of the forehead with dark color. Finally, apply a lip gloss to make it more sensual.