Tips for On-Trend Eyebrows that Still Look Natural

Sculpted and thick-looking eyebrows are a huge current beauty trend, and having great brows has now become an essential part of any makeup look, no matter how natural. Even if you don’t have naturally thick brows, there are ways to groom and shape them to give them a trendy edge. More and more professional makeup artists are reaching for eyebrow gel when getting celebrities ready for the red carpet or crafting catwalk makeup looks – you can choose from a clear or a tinted finish. These gels enable you to finely sculpt and shape your existing brow hairs into the style you want, while the tinted gels also add a hint of colour, all in one easy sweep.

While dark, dramatic eyebrows may be striking, don’t forget to consider what suits you naturally and to make it look best, try to stick close to what you have to begin with but enhance the look slightly. Adding very dark eyebrow pencils over light brows just doesn’t look right and appears too drawn on. Instead, opt for a blonde or taupe shade to add a thicker look to brows with more subtly.

Eyebrow powders can also help you fill in between brow hairs in a way that appears very natural, just adding depth and shadow to your current eyebrows. Brushing brows gently upward with a spoolie brush can also add a dramatic new look to eyebrows, just look to the Olsen twins for inspiration. If the hairs won’t stay in place, coat the spoolie with some hairspray beforehand and it should add more hold to the look.