How to Get the Midnight Coup in Destiny 2 (Midnight Ride Quest)

The highly anticipated Midnight Coup Hand Cannon has arrived in Destiny 2: Into the Light. But before you unleash its firepower, you’ll need to complete the “Midnight Ride” quest. Here’s how:

How to Get the Midnight Coup in Destiny 2

Just like other quests for the BRAVE arsenal, you have two PvE options to complete Midnight Ride:

  1. Rapidly eliminate enemies with a Hand Cannon anywhere in the system. Bonus progress is awarded for quick final blows in Onslaught mode.
  2. Defeat Guardians using a Hand Cannons (but seriously, who wants PvP when there’s PvE fun to be had?)

Unlike the notorious “Climbing the Mountaintop” quest, Midnight Ride is a breeze. You can farm kills at popular locations like the Shuro Chi encounter in the Last Wish Raid or the Divalian Mists in the Dreaming City.

However, there’s a much faster way to complete this objective, especially when paired with the right weapon. Enter the Sunshot Hand Cannon and any Onslaught map.

Midnight Coup Destiny 2
Image via Bungie

Yes, the Sunshot shines (pun intended) once again as one of the best weapons for the job. But fear not, if you don’t have it, other explosive Hand Cannons like Malfeasance, Fatebringer, or Ace of Spades will work too. The key is to create a chain reaction of explosions with your Hand Cannon, racking up rapid kills – that’s the name of the game for this quest.

Any Onslaught map will work for this quest, but some offer slight advantages:

  • Midtown and Vostok have tight quarters, allowing your Scorch effect from Sunshot to bounce around and take out more enemies quickly.
  • Mothyards provides more open space, giving Guardians room to spread out and secure more kills without stealing from teammates.

With this Destiny 2 guide in hand, the Midnight Coup will be yours in no time. So grab your Sunshot, jump into Onslaught, and unleash a storm of Hand Cannon fury!a