How To Get Clothing Sold Online Every Time

Whether you want to sell your own clothes online or start your own consignment shop, following some simple rules every time will ensure the highest chance of selling your items and earning a profit in the process. But still, so many people don’t follow these tips, even though they want to sell clothing online.  Simply applying these tips to one item and then repeating them for the next is all it takes to succeed.


Is The Clothing Damaged Or Stained?

The first thing to ensure is that any damage to a garment has been repaired and any stains have been cleaned. This will require looking very closely at each item for things like loose hems, grease spots or holes. Those items that can’t be repaired or cleaned may have to be presented for less than you hoped to sell them for, or simply tossed into the donation pile. A Yahoo Shine article says that anyone wanting to know how to make money online selling clothes should put their reputation as a seller above anything they may make on the items they plan to sell.

The article also suggests that perhaps the seller can consider other avenues for selling clothing that may have been damaged, such as a yard sale. While you may have to store the items until nicer weather arrives, you can still make something from your used clothing, even if it is a fraction of what you may have made otherwise.


The Fabric Fascination

Those selling clothing online should be aware that buyers are very likely to want to know as much as possible about the fabric. The reason customers are so concerned about fabric? It could be anything from allergy concerns to being confident that they can properly care for the item once it arrives.

Using adjectives can accurately convey details about fabric. Saying that a garment is airy, rough, soft or dense can mean a world of difference to the person who is undecided about whether or not to make a purchase from you.

Another concern, although not directly related to fabric, is just as important: how much an item has been worn. Neither the seller nor the customer gains anything by being dishonest about the wear of a garment, an article at states. Any person selling clothes online would do well to ensure that enough wear information is included in the original listing to allow the buyer to make an informed decision about the clothes they are purchasing.


Professional Presentation

One of the first rules stated by many sharing information about how to start online clothes store is to display the items for sale in a professional manner. If taking a picture of a room full of items, ensure that all items have been displayed as they may appear in a store. This will give a much better impression than arranging items on a bed or on the floor. People who are a bit inexperienced in design aspects often hire full-time designers to update the website; however, if your budget does not permit you to hire an in-house designer or developer to take care of things, you can use the systems provided by companies such as Shopify to design and start selling clothes online, minus the hassle of hiring a designer, as the DIY system and the ease of use can help you design, update and maintain the website on your own.


Before taking a picture of an item as it hangs on a door, consider buying or borrowing a clothing rack, and then placing a backdrop of some sort behind it. Including some sort of soft lighting can add a professional touch to your photos, plus make your items appear to be that much more desirable to those who are viewing them.

Detailed Descriptions

When thinking about how to describe an item it’s a good idea to look at how similar items are described elsewhere on the web. If you were shopping for that item, would a short and vague description cause you to buy, or would you prefer a little more detail? Yahoo Shine says that usually, the item descriptions having the most detail are the ones that generate the most interest. Be sure to include the condition of the item, as well as any special details, such as a specific event the item was created for, as well as the color.

Shipping Matters

Those getting ready to open their own store should follow one basic rule, says eBay: that of professionalism. It shouldn’t stop at the marketing level when you want to sell clothes online; professionalism should continue when you are ready to pack your items for transport, and even through how you handle shipping enquiries. How your items arrive to your customer will do a lot to cement their opinion of you as a seller.

Earning a Profit

Let’s face it; you won’t sell any more clothing items by pricing them above what they are worth, because a dissatisfied customer will return their item and expect a refund if they are not happy with it. Instead of going through the extra hassle of having to process returns, consider what you would be willing to pay for an item. You may think you are really frugal in your pricing, but the fact is that you are not the only one who is watching their budget. Having a store that deals in reasonably priced items will ensure that you enjoy a steady stream of success.