How to get and upgrade the Carnage Manica in Dying Light 2

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In Dying Light 2: Bloody Ties, the Carnage Manica is a one-of-a-kind accessory or tool. Here’s our Dying Light 2: Bloody Ties Carnage Manica guide to help you upgrade and use this new item in battle.

How to get and upgrade the Carnage Manica in Dying Light 2

Simply follow these steps to upgrade the Carnage Manica:

  • Speak with the Carnage Hall rewards vendor and proceed to the Blueprints section. Purchase whatever items you desire (more on these later).
  • As with other mods/blueprints, you’ll need to speak with the crafting vendor to upgrade their efficiency.
  • Next, open your inventory and navigate to the Accessories tab. Equip the Carnage Manica.
  • Press “C” while the Carnage Manica is highlighted to access the upgrade panel. You’ll notice three functions here:
    • Rim-type mods apply elemental effects to perfect blocks.
    •  Shot-type mods have an effect on the projectile that you launch.
    • Slam-type mods refer to the special slam attack you can perform.

Dying Light 2 Carnage Manica

Note: You can have fire, electric, ice, and toxic elemental effects, just like in other weapon mods.

You have three distinct functions with Carnage Manica:

  • Block (right mouse button) – If the tool is equipped/active, you can use the right mouse button. It can improve your blocking abilities, but you must still avoid power attacks. If you can complete a perfect block, you will be able to charge the meters of the other two moves.
  • Elemental Shot (middle mouse button) – When the elemental projectile is charged, press the middle mouse button to fire it.
  • Elemental Slam (right mouse button + “R” key) –The pop-up notification is incorrect (it should be left-click + “R”). Anyway, it takes a while to charge this one. However, once the meter is full, you can perform an AoE burst with a specific effect that is dependent on the elemental mod in the slot.

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