Apex Legends Heirloom Glitch – How to get free Heirlooms

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Apex Legends Season 15’s launch went more smoothly than most of its previous seasons, which were plagued by errors and server issues. However, this does not imply that there are no bugs this season. Apex Legends players recently discovered an Heirloom glitch that allows Heirloom-less players to obtain one or more of these valuable cosmetics. Here are the details.

Apex Legends Heirloom glitch – How to get free Heirlooms

First, you need to replicate the glitch. This is accomplished by loading into the Apex Legends lobby and immediately returning to the main menu until you notice your Currency in the top right corner of the screen bugging out. While this is happening, go to the Legends tab and select the legend whose Heirloom you want.

Then, in the bottom right, you can equip their Heirloom. That character’s Heirloom is now available for use in your next match. There is no limit to how many times you can use this glitch, so you can unlock all of the Heirlooms.

Since the Apex Legends Heirloom bug is related to a connectivity problem, it is simpler to reproduce if your internet connection is already subpar. Try starting a match and exiting once you are in if you are having trouble making it work. There should be a brief period when you can get a free Heirloom when you get back to the lobby.

Will you be banned for exploiting this glitch?

We advise against attempting to replicate the glitch because doing so may result in a ban if Respawn Entertainment decides to take action. Heirlooms typically cost around $160 USD during Collection events, so there’s no reason Respawn should give them away for free.

Apex Legends Heirloom Glitch

Respawn has previously banned players for using glitches, and it is not worth losing access to your Apex Legends account just to get a free Heirloom. There is a way to undo the bug if you performed it.

To remove a glitched Heirloom from your inventory, simply replicate the bug, but instead of equipping a new Heirloom, remove one you received through the exploit or accidentally unlocked.

Continue to use high-latency servers and try removing the Heirloom from your inventory as soon as you log in. Please keep in mind that this glitch only works while the currencies are loading. If you are unable to remove glitched Heirlooms, contact Apex Legends support and have the Heirlooms removed from your account.