How to fix Hogwarts Legacy sluttering, frame drops & lag in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy frame drops

Hogwarts Legacy is an incredible joy to play, but it suffers from some PC-specific issues such as stuttering, lag, and frame drops. Here are some potential solutions for resolving them.

How to fix Hogwarts Legacy sluttering, frame drops & lag in Hogwarts Legacy

Dsiable Control flow guard (CFG)

The first solution comes from Reddit user daxidol, who posted it in the HarryPotterGame subreddit.

  • Navigate to Exploit protection
  • Click the Program settings tab
  • Click the Add program to customise
  • Click the Choose exact file path
  • Navigate to the HogwartsLegacy app and select it (likely in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Hogwarts Legacy)
  • Scroll down to the Control flow guard (CFG)
  • Check the Override system settings and toggle the on to off
  • Click Apply
  • Restart PC

Nvidia v-sync

First and foremost, whatever your system, set your display and graphics settings in-game to whatever worked for you during the introduction.

After you’ve done that, return to your settings and make two changes. Disable in-game v-sync and enable Nvidia low latency mode with boost. Save your settings and then exit the game. Navigate to the Nvidia control panel and turn on v-sync.

Start your game and see if it has improved in any way. For some reason, after arriving at Hogwarts, a game restart appears to be required, but with ray-tracing enabled, v-sync appears to significantly reduce FPS. The boost feature aids in reducing the horrendous render latencies.

In addition to the foregoing, it is strongly recommended that you enable GSync and keep your graphics card driver up to date. Also, ensure that your PC meets the requirements outlined in this article.

Best graphic settings for PC

It is strongly advised that you disable motion blur and film grain for display. Not only does the game look better with both disabled, but turning off motion blur should help improve performance.

Change the FPS to uncapped and all quality settings (textures, shadows, foliage, etc.) to high/medium. If frame drops, stuttering, and lag persist, disable ray tracing reflections and shadows.

While you can fiddle with the settings and graphics options manually, you can also choose Run Benchmark. This optimizes all PC settings automatically.

So far, those are the only two known methods for fixing stuttering, frame drops, and lag in Hogwarts Legacy.