How To Farm Keratin And Chitin In Ark Fjordur

Keratin and Chitin are both required in large quantities for many crafting techniques in Ark Fjordur. In this guide, we’ll show you how to farm Chitin and Keratin more efficiently.

How To Farm Keratin And Chitin In Ark Fjordur


Keratin is discovered on the bodies of animals and dinosaurs in Ark. An Allosaurus is the animal that sheds the most Keratin. Keratin can also be obtained through farming Tusoteuthis, Thorny Dragons, and Sabertooths.

Ark Fjordur Keratin And Chitin Sabertooth

Getting a Sabertooth is the greatest way to cultivate Keratin. Ride out with your Sabertooth to kill and harvest the targeted animal. Sabertooths provide a harvesting boost, allowing you to extract more Keratin from each animal.

Sabertooth has the ability to farm many animals at the same time. If you have unlimited access to your chainsaw, you can easily farm these creatures with Sabretooth to get the most out of keratin.


Farming Location: 32.5° Latitude and 97.9° Longitude

A Diplocaulus must be tamed in order to create the ideal Chitin farm. These tadpole-like lizards can be found on the bank of the water body in the upper right corner of the map.

Ark Fjordur Keratin And Chitin Diplocaulus

Though these animals are almost useless on land because they are slow and cannot be ridden, they truly excel in the aquatic habitat. Once you get them in the water, you may ride them and share their oxygen tank, which is typically enormous, and they are quite speedy in the water.

You can start cultivating Chitin after you have your own Diplocaulus. Diplocaulus has the ability to one-hit any Trilobites found in the water. Chitin and raw meat are abundant in these trilobites. Simply ride your Diplocaulus about and kill as many trilobites as you can.

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