Ark Fjordur Gacha Location and How To Tame Them

Gacha are one-of-a-kind monsters capable of transforming eaten things into crystals. Here’s where to find the ARK Fjordur Gacha and how to tame them.

Ark Fjordur Gacha Location

There are 2 locations where you can find Gacha:

  • 11.0 latitude, 88.3 longitude
  • 62.6 latitude, 30.4 longitude

How to Tame Ark Fjordur Gacha

Feeding is the simplest way to tame Gacha in ARK Fjordur. Dropping something from your inventory on the ground will encourage it to consume it. The more food you drop, the faster Gacha will be tamed. The food’s scarcity is another crucial factor that can boost taming effectiveness.  The following foods can be used:

  • Berries
  • Meat
  • Snow Owl Pellet
  • Stone

Items should be placed in the Gacha path at the appropriate time. This causes the iem to be picked up and devoured indefinitely until Gacha is tamed or otherwise removed. Pay attention to the feed counter and offer plenty of feed for extended excursions.

Check out the video tutorial below for more information.

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