How to Complete the Off The Pilfered Path Quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Stuck on the confusing “Off The Pilfered Path” quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2? Don’t worry, Arisen! This guide will walk you through every step, from starting the quest to helping Hugo find a new path.

How to Complete the Off The Pilfered Path Quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Unlocking the Quest

Before you can even think about helping Hugo, you’ll need to complete these three quests:

  • Shadowed Prayers: This quest lays the foundation for the Coral Snakes storyline and introduces you to Benjamin.
  • A Candle In The Storm: This quest progresses the Coral Snakes storyline and involves retrieving a stolen artifact.
  • Mercy Among Thieves: This quest delves deeper into the Coral Snakes’ activities and introduces the character of Brefft.

Gathering Information from Brefft

Once those are out of the way, Head to Bakbattahl Gaol and seek out Benjamin, a guard stationed near the entrance. He’ll inform you about a captured Coral Snake named Brefft. Locate Brefft within the prison and squeeze every detail from him. Here’s the crucial information:

  • Lanzo’s Betrayal: Brefft reveals that Lanzo, the man who raised Hugo after his parents died, was actually responsible for their murders.
  • Coral Snakes’ Hideout: You’ll discover the new location of the Coral Snakes’ hideout – the Ancient Battleground in Vermund.

Off The Pilfered Path

A Delicate Conversation with Hugo

Now it’s time to speak with Hugo. Here’s where your choices can significantly impact the quest’s outcome:

  • Avoid Revealing the Truth: Don’t tell Hugo about his parents’ deaths at Lanzo’s hands. This harsh truth could lead to a tragic outcome for him later.
  • Offer Hope for a Better Future: Reassure Hugo that he can escape his life of crime and find honest work. This encourages him to believe in a brighter future.

Confronting Lanzo and the Coral Snakes

Regardless of your choice regarding Hugo’s release, it’s crucial to confront Lanzo. Head straight to the Ancient Battleground and prepare for a fight. Lanzo himself isn’t particularly strong, but be wary of the bandit reinforcements. Eliminate them first before focusing on the main target.

Facing the Truth

Here’s where things get tricky. The decision you make now will have a significant impact on Hugo’s fate:

  • Leaving Hugo in the Dark: After defeating Lanzo, return to Hugo and keep the truth about his parents hidden. He’ll escape the prison, kill another Coral Snake, and head straight for revenge at the Ancient Battleground.
    • The Race Against Time: If you didn’t take care of Lanzo beforehand, you’ll need to reach Hugo as quickly as possible to prevent him from getting killed. Using a Wakestone to revive him might not always work, so swift action is crucial.
  • Truth with Repercussions: Choose to reveal the truth about his parents. Hugo will be understandably devastated, but at least he’ll be alive.

Helping Hugo Find a New Path

Regardless of the path you take, Hugo will express a desire to leave his criminal past behind. To help him find honest work, you’ll need to have completed one of these specific quests beforehand:

  • Short-Sighted Ambition (Bad Ending): If you completed this quest with a negative outcome, resulting in Isaac’s family dead and his shop closed, you can recommend Hugo become a merchant by taking over the abandoned shop.
  • Every Rose Has Its Thorn (Romance Wilhelmina): If you romanced Wilhelmina in this quest, you can recommend Hugo join the guard, leveraging your relationship with her for his acceptance.


Once you advise Hugo on his new career path, the “Off The Pilfered Path” quest concludes. Depending on your choices throughout the quest, you might receive different rewards and witness different outcomes for Hugo:

  • Standard Completion: If you helped Hugo escape or dealt with Lanzo before he did, and then offered him a job recommendation, you’ll receive the following rewards:
    • 4,000 XP
    • 7,000 Gold
    • White-Leather Kerchief
    • Frosted Edges blades
  • Saving Hugo from Revenge: If you managed to save Hugo from confronting Lanzo, you’ll likely receive the standard completion rewards. Additionally, you’ll witness a scene where a grateful Hugo thanks you for his new life.
  • Negative Outcome: If Hugo confronts Lanzo and falls in battle, and you don’t have a Wakestone to revive him, the quest might end inconclusively. You won’t receive any rewards, and Hugo’s fate remains unknown.

Congratulations! You’ve not only dismantled the Coral Snakes, a notorious criminal organization, but you’ve also played a pivotal role in offering Hugo a chance to escape a life of crime and build a brighter future. Now, with renewed purpose, you can embark on other adventures in the vast world of Dragon’s Dogma 2.