How to Unlock the Warfarer Vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Do you dream of wielding a sword in one hand and blasting enemies with magic in the other? In Dragon’s Dogma 2, the Warfarer vocation makes this dream a reality! This guide will walk you through every step of unlocking this versatile and coveted class.

How to Unlock the Warfarer Vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Step 1: Secure the Newt Liquor

Before seeking out the Warfarer teacher, you’ll need to acquire a special offering: three bottles of Newt Liqueur. Head to Bakbattahl, the sprawling capital city. Within the city walls, locate Higg’s Tavern Stand, situated north of the residential district, near fields and pools.

Note: If your character is human, ensure you don the Beastren Mask (likely acquired during your travels to Battahl) before venturing near Higg’s. Without the mask, you’ll face arrest!

Just outside Higg’s Tavern Stand, you’ll see a fenced area with hay and large sacks. Here’s where your human disguise or beastly appearance comes in handy. Pick up one of the sacks and carry it inside the fenced area. Dropping the sack will trigger an invitation from a character named Karnel, granting you access to Higg’s hidden tavern.

Warfarer Dragon's Dogma 2

Once inside, chat with Ezekiel and purchase all three bottles of Newt Liqueur he has in stock. Each bottle will set you back 5,000 gold, so make sure your pockets are lined!

Step 2: Seek Lamond at the Hot Springs

With your precious Newt Liquor in hand, it’s time to find the Warfarer teacher, Lamond. He resides at the Agamen Volcanic Island hot springs. The fastest route is through Drabnir’s Grotto in southwestern Bakbattahl.

Emerging from the grotto, follow the eastern path until you reach the volcanic island. Continue east until encountering a small city with a hot spring nestled within an elevated cave. Near the hot spring building, locate a tattooed man – that’s Lamond!

Step 3: A Boozy Transaction and a Warmonger’s Reward

Talk to Lamond, and he’ll present you with a peculiar quest called “The Sotted Sage.” He requests his favorite beverage (Newt Liqueur, of course) in exchange for…well, rotten soft-boiled eggs.

Thankfully, your Newt Liqueur stash comes in handy. Offer him the three bottles, and he’ll share his story before bestowing upon you the Warfarer vocation.

Before leaving Lamond, ensure he grants you the Grandmaster’s Path skill scroll. This crucial scroll unlocks the Warfarer’s ultimate skill, essential for the class to function at its full potential. If he doesn’t give it to you initially, simply talk to him again, and he should hand it over.

Congratulations! You’ve unlocked the Warfarer vocation and are now well on your way to becoming a weapon-wielding powerhouse in Dragon’s Dogma 2!