Hogwarts Legacy Guide – How to unlock Intrepid Explorer achievement & Cairn Dungeons locations

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Hogwarts Legacy Cairn Dungeons locations

If you’re having trouble unlocking the Intrepid Explorer achievement in Hogwarts Legacy, check out our list of Cairn Dungeons locations below.

How to unlock The Intrepid Explorer achievement ?

The simplest way to obtain this achievement is to simply complete quests, as they will lead you to hidden cairn dungeons that do not appear on the map until you begin certain quests. This way, you accomplish two tasks at once, since you must complete all quests in order to obtain Platinum.

There are five Cairn Dungeons in total, which are distinguished by stone piles in front of them. The majority of them are tombs.

Cairn Dungeons locations in Hogwarts Legacy

Here is a list of all the cairn dungeons that we currently know about.

Dale Family Tomb

Hogwarts Legacy Cairn Dungeons locations 1

The Dale Family Tomb is concealed on the map until you begin the quest “Beeting A Curse.” This quest can be started by speaking with Samantha Dale near the Greenhouse in Hogwarts. 15 is recommended as the level of proficiency.

Feldcroft Catacomb

Hogwarts Legacy Cairn Dungeons locations 2

To get into the Feldcroft Catacomb, you need to start Sebastian Sallow’s relationship quest, which is called “In the Shadow of Time.” As with the other cairn dungeons, this one will be marked as found as soon as you step inside.

The Collector’s Cave

The Collector’s Cave is located on the southern edge of the Forbidden Forest, and you will gain access to this mysterious cavern when you complete the main quest The Helm of Urtkot. 

Tomb of Treachery

The Tomb of Treachery cairn dungeon can be found immediately after exiting the goblin mine that leads to the Highlands region. The dungeon is concealed behind a waterfall. Just in front of the waterfall, you’ll notice a large pile of stones in the water.

Moonstone Garden

This dungeon can be found to the south of the Feldcroft Region, west of Irondale. To gain access to it, you must almost completely complete Poppy Sweeting’s relationship quest.

And that concludes the five cairn dungeons locations in Hogwarts Legacy.