Harley Viera-Newton’s Beauty Travel Tips & Skin Secrets


DJ Harley Viera-Newton has shared how she keeps her gorgeous glow in check, even while on the go. Harley comments that when she’s packing up to travel, she tries to select just a few beauty products to keep in her bag that have multiple purposes so she can pack lighter. She explained:

“Tools that have multiple uses are great for travelling; a cheek stain that also works as a lip stain. And when you find the ones you love, if you throw those in your bag, you’ll have everything all at once.”

Used to working late hours as a DJ at fashion events and some of the hottest clubs, Harley comments that she tries to freshen up when she gets home and never fails to remove her makeup because she knows how much it would ruin her look if she didn’t:

“It doesn’t matter how late I get home or how tired I am, I always take off my makeup. I use Neutrogena wipes and I also have a Clarisonic. I usually wear a red lip and a cat-eye, and you can’t go to sleep with those on without destroying your bed.”

Opening up on how she keeps her skin looking great while travelling, Harley comments that her biggest secret is very simple – she just uses a good moisturizing cream and stays hydrated, which she thinks makes a big difference:

“Definitely extra moisturiser; I always have moisturiser on hand because my skin gets so dry. I love Elizabeth Arden’s Eight-Hour Cream ($25). Also, drinking water helps — I know it’s such a mum thing to say — but it makes such a difference if you’re hydrated while you’re travelling. Your skin looks less dead. It’s actually made a difference.”