Haikyuu!! Openings: A Ranked List to Spike Your Excitement

Haikyuu!! Openings
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The “Haikyuu!!” anime isn’t just about soaring serves and epic rallies; its incredible opening themes deserve a standing ovation too! But with seven adrenaline-pumping tunes, which one reigns supreme? Let’s dive into a ranked list that’ll leave you chanting “Hikari Are!”

Haikyuu!! Openings: A Ranked List to Spike Your Excitement

Ah Yeah!!

While catchy, “Ah Yeah!!” falls slightly behind due to simpler animation and a less dynamic rally sequence. However, the relaxed vibes and signature Oikawa jump serve sequence still make it a fan favorite.


Image via Production I.G

This To the Top opener boasts stunning visuals and subtle animation, highlighting Hinata’s growth. However, the lack of a dynamic rally scene keeps it from reaching the top.


The first Haikyuu!! opening sets the tone with its catchy song and showcases the team’s initial struggles and Hinata’s journey towards his dream. The animation techniques, like the synchronized quick attack and the final “Little Giant” scene, are iconic.


This To the Top gem symbolizes Hinata’s past and present with dynamic camera angles and expressive movements. The transition into a phenomenal rally scene, especially Hinata’s stunning spiking sequence, makes it truly remarkable.

I’m a Believer

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The third opening throws us into a training camp frenzy with unique angles, a first-person perspective rally sequence, and Karasuno’s inspiring lineup against Fukurodani. It’s a perfect anthem for their journey of friendship and growth.

Fly High!!

This beloved opening boasts one of the best Haikyuu!! songs and tells a beautiful story through animation. From Hinata’s desire to “fly” to the seamless rally showcasing each player’s strengths, it’s an emotional and visually captivating masterpiece.

Hikari Are

The top spot belongs to the epic “Hikari Are.” Visually impactful and full of symbolism, it portrays Karasuno’s climb against the powerful Shiratorizawa. From the mountain climb and crows vs. eagles imagery to the dimmed court rally emphasizing the intensity, it’s a breathtaking experience. The final clash of lighting and the soaring crows solidify its position as the ultimate Haikyuu!! opening.

Ultimately, each Haikyuu!! opening offers a unique experience, capturing different aspects of the show’s spirit and evolution. While “Hikari Are” takes the crown for its symbolism, animation, and emotional impact, the true winner is the viewer who gets to witness the entire journey through these incredible themes.