Gwyneth Paltrow shows off her spring outfit while giving visitors a tour of her luxurious $5 million Montecito property, complete with a high-end liquor cart

On Wednesday, Gwyneth Paltrow invited people to take a look at the five million dollar home that she owns in Montecito, California.

Gwyneth Paltrow flaunts her spring clothing while showing off her lavish wine cart and the rest of her $5 million Montecito property

The Instagram photo featured the 50-year-old GOOP creator in a number of her favorite spring outfits.

Behind her is a huge mirror with a gold frame, and there are dark hardwood flooring, candles, mirrors, and a framed photo on a tall marble shelf.


A cocktail caddy, sometimes called a booze cart, sits off to the side.

The Academy Award winner was showcasing her favorite springtime designer items.

The Shakespeare in Love actor appeared untucked and in a blue and white striped shirt in the foyer photo.

Brad Falchuk’s wife wore a pair of black leather motorcycle boots, a leather vest, and a pair of dark blue denim trousers.

She proudly displayed her new dark pedicure and pair of fluffy Birkenstock sandals.

The actress from “Iron Man” had her flaxen hair down and a heavy face of makeup on.

There were numerous trinkets strewn about her foyer.

A spherical vase with white flowers and an unidentified silver ornament were also included. Everything appeared to be GOOP-approved.

A cart with what looked like liquor bottles on top and silver vases underneath was parked off to the left.

There were further photographs that were shown.

Paltrow was spotted inside her spacious walk-in closet, which is essentially a converted room.

She was depicted here with a white pencil skirt with a slit along the middle and a mock-neck, short-sleeved top.

The mutual friend of Kate Hudson and Jennifer Aniston also sported nerdy aviator eyewear.

A black desk and a gray chair sat in the closet, along with plants, a glass water bottle, a trash can, a candle, some draperies, and several closets.

She took the photo of herself in a doorway mirror.

Paltrow wears a brown and black coat with black buttons, a white vest, and black pleated pants in another photo.

Her Falchuk wedding band, made of gold, is eye-catching.

More pictures show her posing in black clothes and high heels on gray concrete bathroom floors with a white and gray area rug.