Gwen Stefani on Red Lips, Eyebrow Trends & Makeup Inspiration


Gwen Stefani‘s beauty look has become iconic and the singer is now gearing up to launch her own beauty line which will include a range of lip colours. Known for her signature red lips, Gwen explains that she first started wearing the look when her grandmother gifted her a lip palette while she was in high school. She instantly knew the look was for her:

“Red lipstick is another one of my favorite looks, but I didn’t even start wearing it until after high school. I can remember the first time: My grandma had bought me one of those palettes that had five different colors, and I tried on the red in the rearview mirror of my car and was like, Oh, that’s the look. I love that.”

Looking back on all of those skinny brows that were popular during the ’90s, Gwen said she admired that look at the time but now prefers thicker brows and minimal eye makeup:

“In the ’90s, I was into a thin, chola brow. In Anaheim, where I grew up, there were all those [chola] girls with so much style, and I did the same thin, arched brows. Looking back on it now, I’m like, Oooh—I don’t like it as much. These days, I prefer thicker brows and a clean eye.”

Gwen reveals that she took her early makeup inspiration from old Hollywood movies and loved classic icons such as Marilyn Monroe. She would adapt their beauty looks and give them her own spin:

“I used to watch the Old Hollywood movies on AMC, so I wanted to be Jean Harlow and Marilyn Monroe. That’s when I thought, Okay, I need to have a cat eye—that’s how Marilyn did her eye makeup. All through high school, I wore it with a pink lip.”