Get Casual Style Inspired by Alessandra Ambrosio

Brazilian Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio always strikes the perfect balance when it comes to her personal off-duty dressing. Constantly seen shopping or picking up a coffee on her day off in California, the model pieces together relaxed looks that are still stylish and up-to-date. She most often blends well-made basics with luxurious finishing touches – for example, she might throw on a classic white shirt with denim cut-offs – two wardrobe staples – but she would polish off the look with some statement accessories such as a designer handbag, bright sandals or even a necklace that grabs your attention. She knows the value of a good accessory and isn’t afraid to pile on a few attention-grabbing finishing touches to complete her look.

Alessandra’s look is so simple to replicate. Opt for slightly oversized shirts and basic t-shirts. Add bright skinny jeans, denim shorts and a loose knit to create your wardrobe. Shop for accessories that pop – tortoise sunglasses, an oversized tan handbag or woven sandals are all great additions when it comes to channelling Alessandra’s fuss-free look. As she lives in Los Angeles, Alessandra’s look is typically summery but can easily be adapted for a cooler day with ankle boots and a chunky sweater. Always having fun with her look and is attracted to bright shades that she tones down with neutral or muted colours, Alessandra’s look is feminine, carefree and with a slight preppy twist. Don’t forget the model’s signature golden glow and flowing silky locks to really finish off the look!