Genshin Impact Nilou’s Materials – All Ascension Materials

As patch 3.0 enters the second phase, players still have three weeks to prepare for Nilou. With that in mind, we’ve created a pre-farming guide that includes all of the ascension and talent materials you’ll need to prepare for Nilou’s big debut.

Nilou ascension materials

Here are all of Nilou’s ascension and talent level up materials:

Ascension Phase Character Level Materials Mora
1 20 1x Varunada Lazurite Sliver
3x Padisarah
3x Fungal Spores
2 40 3x Varunada Lazurite Fragment
2x Perpetual Caliber
10x Padisarah
15x Fungal Spores
3 50 6x Varunada Lazurite Fragment
4x Perpetual Caliber
20x Padisarah
12x Luminescent Pollen
4 60 3x Varunada Lazurite Chunk
8x Perpetual Caliber
30x Padisarah
18x Luminescent Pollen
5 70 6x Varunada Lazurite Chunk
12x Perpetual Caliber
45x Padisarah
12x Crystalline Cyst Dust
6 80 6x Varunada Lazurite Gemstone
20x Perpetual Caliber
60x Padisarah
24x Crystalline Cyst Dust

Talent ascension materials

Here is everything you need to maximize one talent:

Level Materials Mora
2 3x Teachings of Praxis
6x Fungal Spores
3 2x Guide to Praxis
3x Luminescent Pollen
4 4x Guide to Praxis
4x Luminescent Pollen
5 6x Guide to Praxis
6x Luminescent Pollen
6 9x Guide to Praxis
9x Luminescent Pollen
7 4x Philosophies of Praxis
4x Crystalline Cyst Dust
1x Tears of the Calamitous God
8 6x Philosophies of Praxis
6x Crystalline Cyst Dust
1x Tears of the Calamitous God
9 12x Philosophies of Praxis
9x Crystalline Cyst Dust
2x Tears of the Calamitous God
10 16x Philosophies of Praxis
12x Crystalline Cyst Dust
2x Tears of the Calamitous God
1x Crown of Insight

How to farm Nilou materials

You can find most of Nilou’s materials in the Sumeru region. The majority of the items required are for multiple character ascensions, but there are at least one or two that are unique to her.

PadisarahNilou Materials 1

Padisarah is a rare plant in the open world game that only grows in the areas surrounding Sumeru City. The best places to look for them are immediately surrounding the city walls and across the peninsula in a forest.

Perpetual Caliber

The new Perpetual Caliber item is a drop from an Aeonblight Drake level 30 or higher. North of the waypoint on the upper side of the cliff in Devantaka Mountain is where you might find this boss’s arena. However, this boss is currently inaccessible and won’t show up until update 3.1.

Spores, Pollen, and Cyst Dust

These materials can be obtained from The Chasm, an underground area with Floating Hydroshroom enemies. Along with these enemies, 3.0 introduces a large number of new fungus varieties that can be found all over Sumeru, including places like the Mawtiyima Forest.Nilou Materials 2To get Crystalline Cyst Dust, you can mix three Fungal Spores with 25 Mora to make Luminescent Pollen, or three Luminescent Pollen with 50 Mora.

Hydro ascension materials

To raise Nilou’s maximum level limit, you’ll need some Hydro ascension materials, such as Varunada Lazurite fragments, slivers, gemstones and chunks. You can obtain them by farming the weekly and normal bosses listed below.

  • Oceanid
  • Stormterror
  • Hydro Hypostasis
  • Childe
  • Stormterror

Varunada Lazurite can also be converted from lower-tiered forms, like using three slivers to create a fragment. Using a Dust of Azoth to transform different jewel types will also yield the desired Hydro-type materials.

Talent ascension materials

Nilou requires the Praxis book chain for her upgrades, which can only be found at Sumeru’s The Steeple of Ignorance domain. Remember that this domain is only available on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.Nilou, like Candace, requires the Tears of the Calamitous God to advance her talent levels. To obtain these valuable items, you must first complete the Guardian of Eternity Challenge and defeat the End of the Oneiric Euthymia. Because this is a weekly boss, it may take some time for her to shed the tears you seek.

Finally, a Crown of Insight is required to maximize each of Nilou‘s talent levels. Seven of them are available as offerings, and if there are any Genshin Impact events going on at the time, you might be able to get the remaining three.