Best Genshin Impact Chiori Build: Artifacts, Weapons & Team Compositions

Genshin Impact’s newest addition, Chiori, is here! This Geo Sword user brings a unique blend of off-field Sub-DPS and on-field DPS potential. To unleash her full power, let’s explore the best weapons, artifacts, and team compositions for Chiori.

Genshin Impact Chiori Build Guide

Best Weapons

As a sword-wielding character, Chiori thrives on maximizing her Critical DMG and Critical Rate. Here are some weapon options to consider:

  • Uraku Misugiri (5-Star): Chiori’s signature weapon, perfectly tailored to boost her Normal Attack and Elemental Skill damage while significantly increasing Crit DMG. It also provides a DEF boost, which synergizes well with her scaling.

Genshin Impact Chiori Build

  • Alternative 5-Star Options: Primordial Jade Cutter, Mistsplitter Reforged, and Spendor of Tranquil Waters are all viable choices with high crit values.
  • Wolf-Fang (4-Star): This Battle Pass weapon shines with a high Crit Rate substat and a passive that enhances Elemental Skill and Burst damage. At Refinement Rank 5, it can even outperform some 5-star options!
  • Harbinger of Dawn (F2P): At Refinement Rank 5, this free-to-play weapon emerges as a great option. It offers a significant Crit DMG boost and a conditional Crit Rate increase when Chiori’s HP is above 90%, which is easily maintained for an off-field Sub-DPS like her.

Best Artifacts

When it comes to artifacts, two sets stand out for maximizing Chiori’s Sub-DPS potential through her Elemental Skill:

  • Golden Troupe (4-Piece):┬áThis set excels when focusing on Chiori’s off-field role. It increases Elemental Skill damage and provides a Normal Attack DMG bonus when another character is on the field. Additionally, farming this set shares a domain with another valuable set, Marechausse Hunter.

  • Husk of Opulent Dreams (4-Piece):┬áThis set prioritizes maximizing Chiori’s on-field presence. It increases her DEF and Geo DMG, making it a strong choice if you prefer to play her more actively. This set can also be conveniently farmed through the Artifact Strongbox at the Alchemy table.

The choice between these sets depends on your playstyle and farming efficiency. Golden Troupe offers wider versatility, while Husk of Opulent Dreams is more specialized for a DEF-focused Chiori.

Best Team Compositions

Chiori truly shines in Geo teams, particularly alongside characters who can create Geo Constructs (Albedo, Itto, Ningguang, Zhongli, Geo Traveler). These constructs trigger her Elemental Skill’s AoE Geo DMG, making her a potent off-field damage dealer. Additionally, Geo Resonance, a powerful effect triggered by having two Geo characters, boosts Geo DMG, shield strength, and reduces enemy resistance.

Here are some team examples:

  • Arataki Itto (Main DPS), Chiori (Sub-DPS), Gorou (Support), Zhongli/Fischl (Sub-DPS/Support)
  • Noelle/Ningguang (Main DPS), Chiori (Sub-DPS), Bennett (Support), Fischl/Yelan (Sub-DPS/Support)
  • Hu Tao (Main DPS), Chiori (Sub-DPS), Zhongli (Support), Yelan (Sub-DPS/Support)
  • Yae Miko (Main DPS), Chiori (Sub-DPS), Zhongli (Support), Nahida (Sub-DPS/Support)

With the right build and team composition, Chiori can become a valuable asset in your Genshin Impact adventures. So, unleash her Geo prowess and conquer Teyvat with confidence!