Genshin Impact Blazin’ Trails Guide: How to change mountain style and height

Check out this Genshin Impact Blazin’ Trails Guide to help you change the style and height of the mountains in the Broken Isle area.

Genshin Impact Blazin’ Trails guide – How to change mountain style and height in the Broken Isle area

First, you need to complete the Blazin` Trails quest until you meet Frozen Soul. This includes the following tasks:

  • Entering the mirage domain to meet Blazing Heart, a giant flower.
  • Learning how to use Melodic Harps and Melodic Pedals.
  • Removing impediments to water vein flow and obtaining Glacial Spring Water
  • A bit of filler about Xinyan and her memories of the past.

After that, Blazing Heart will tell you about Frozen Soul. This giant flower can grant you access to the main chamber’s upper levels. Activate the Melodic Harp, ride the wind current, and strike the nearest upper level drum.Genshin Impact Blazin’ Trails guide Frozen Soul
Follow the newly formed bridge to Frozen Soul’s room. Following the conversation, proceed to the indicated location and use Frozen Soul’s Petal. The heights of the mountains will shift as a result of this. You’ll need to clear the flow of water veins once more.Genshin Impact Blazin’ Trails guide Bridge

Interact with the main drum on Broken Isle’s northern beach to change the style and height of the island’s mountains.Genshin Impact Blazin’ Trails guide Drum

There are two variants:

  • Variant #1: Tall mountains – This is the default version with several towering mountains.
  • Variant #2: Mini mountains – The two mountains to the northeast and east are average in height. Near the main land, there is a much smaller mountain.

Explore these locations at your leisure to find additional puzzles and loot. A good example is when the western mountain shrinks. This will reveal a tunnel leading to the bottom, where you can solve a totem puzzle to obtain a secret Phantasmal Conch.

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