Genshin Impact Alchemical Ascension Event Guide: How to Play, Potion Recipes & Exam Solutions

The Knights of Favonius need your potion-brewing expertise in the new Genshin Impact version 4.5 event: Alchemical Ascension. This guide will equip you with everything you need to know to concoct in-demand potions, rake in revenue, and become a potion-slinging star!

How to Play Genshin Impact Alchemical Ascension Event

Brewing Up Success: A Step-by-Step Guide

The Alchemical Ascension event revolves around a three-step cycle: crafting in-demand potions, gathering ingredients, and selling your creations for profit. Let’s delve deeper into each step.

1. Concocting Potions

Head to the Concocting Potions stage to unleash your inner alchemist. Here, you’ll encounter a puzzle minigame where you strategically place ingredients on a grid to craft potions.

Genshin Impact Alchemical Ascension

But wait, there’s more to it than just mixing liquids! To truly maximize profits, consult the market news by pressing the right D-Pad. This will reveal which potions are in high demand, allowing you to tailor your creations accordingly.

Each ingredient possesses a unique symbol that influences the potion’s characteristics. Here’s a quick rundown of the potion types and their corresponding ingredients:

  • Strength: Jueyun Chili, Flaming Flower
  • Constitution: Calla Lily, Sweet Flower
  • Wisdom: Qingxin, Windwheel Aster
  • Charisma: Sumeru Rose, Glaze Lily
  • Dexterity: Dandelion, Horsetail
  • Balanced: Mushroom, Berry

By placing ingredients that match the symbol on the grid, you’ll create a potion with that specific effect. The goal is to fill the Tuning Rate bar above 100% for maximum potency.

Once you’ve crafted a base potion, consider taking it a step further. Each cycle allows you to enhance your potion a few times using the “Enhance Potion” option. This will significantly boost its selling price.

2. Cultivating Ingredients

Now that you’ve got a potent potion brewing, it’s time to gather the necessary ingredients. Head to the harvest stage, select a cultivation area, and choose the materials you need. Remember, prioritize materials required for high-demand potions.

Need more space to grow your ingredients? Look no further than Freda! She can provide additional cultivation areas, allowing you to harvest larger quantities. Remember, harvested materials become available after a specific cycle is complete.

3. Selling Your Stock

Head to your stall and navigate to the Potion Stock section. Here, you can list the potion you’ve created for eager customers.

Don’t forget to consult your Operation Handbook! This handy tool keeps track of completed tasks within each cycle. Make sure you’ve maximized your potential before moving on.

Once you’re done selling, it’s time to move on to the next cycle. You can either visit Lisa’s table or click “Next Cycle” in your handbook. Remember to visit Freda for any upgrades before embarking on a new cycle.

Decoding Market News

The market news provides hints about the desired potion types. Here’s a breakdown of the news snippets and the corresponding potions to craft (Cycles 2-10):

Cycle 2-4

  • News 1: Craft a potion heavy in Constitution, Strength, or Dexterity.
  • News 2: Craft a potion heavy in Endurance, Endurance, or Steadying.

Cycle 5-7

  • News 1: Craft a potion with Strength, Dexterity, or Wisdom.
  • News 2: Craft a potion with Wisdom.

Cycle 8-10

  • News 1: Craft a potion with Charisma or Wisdom.
  • News 2: Craft a potion with Strength or Dexterity.
  • News 3: Craft a potion with Constitution or Endurance.
  • News 4: Craft a potion with Charisma.

Special Requests

Beyond market demands, playable characters like Beidou and Eula will make requests for specific potions. Fulfilling these requests earns you additional rewards.

Alchemy Exam Strategies and Solutions

The Alchemy Exams test your potion-crafting prowess. Each exam presents a specific objective, often requiring a potion with a certain grade and main characteristic.

The key to passing these exams lies in strategically selecting and combining ingredients. Each ingredient possesses unique properties that influence the resulting potion. The information below details the specific ingredients required for each exam, along with their key characteristics:


  • Main Objective: Concoct an Intermediate Constitution Potion.
  • Optional Objectives:
    • Potion grade reaches Intermediate.
    • Potion level reaches +5.
    • Potion displays at least 1 characteristic.
    • Use no more than 3 different types of ingredients.
  • Recommended Ingredients:
    • 4 Special Sweet Flower (Constitution/Strengthening)
    • 3 Special Calla Lily (Constitution/Steadying)
    • 2 Special Mushroom (Balanced/Endurance)


  • Main Objective: Concoct a potion with both Strength and Dexterity reaching Intermediate grade.
  • Optional Objectives:
    • Potion grade reaches Intermediate.
    • Potion level reaches +8.
    • Potion displays at least 2 characteristics.
    • Use no more than 10 ingredients.
  • Recommended Ingredients:
    • 6 Special Horsetail (Dexterity/Endurance)
    • 2 Special Mist Flower (Strength/Steadying)
    • 2 Special Mushroom (Balanced/Endurance)


  • Main Objective: Create an Advanced Wisdom Potion.
  • Optional Objectives:
    • Potion grade reaches Advanced.
    • Potion level reaches +8.
    • Potion displays the “Fragrant” characteristic.
    • Uses at least 5 different types of ingredients.
  • Recommended Ingredients:
    • 2 Special Marcotte (Charisma/Fragrant)
    • 2 Special Lumidouce Bell (Wisdom/Technique)
    • 2 Special Sumeru Rose (Charisma/Fragrant)
    • 2 Special Qingxin (Wisdom/Healing)
    • 1 Special Windwheel Aster (Wisdom/Technique)
    • 1 Special Mushroom (Balanced/Endurance)


  • Main Objective: Concoct a potion of Expert grade with Charisma as its main characteristic.
  • Optional Objectives:
    • Potion grade reaches Expert.
    • Potion level reaches +8.
    • Potion displays the “Perception” and “Steadying” characteristics.
    • Tuning Rate reaches 280%.
  • Recommended Ingredients:
    • 6 Special Mint (Balanced/Perception)
    • 3 Special Marcotte (Charisma/Fragrant)
    • 2 Special Mist Flower (Strength/Steadying)
    • 1 Special Mushroom (Balanced/Endurance)

Event Rewards

  • Primogem
  • Mora
  • Character Ascension material
  • Character Level-Up material
  • Weapon Ascension Material
  • 4-star Polearm: Dialogues of the Desert Sages

By following these steps and repeating the cycle, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a master alchemist and a successful potion vendor in Genshin Impact’s Alchemical Ascension event. Remember, market trends shift, so stay adaptable and keep brewing those profits!