Genshin Impact 4.5 Tier List: Who Rules Teyvat Now?

The arrival of Fontaine in Version 4.0 has significantly impacted the Genshin Impact meta, with new characters like Neuvillette and Furina shaking things up. Let’s delve into the current tier list for Version 4.5 and see who reigns supreme!

Genshin Impact 4.5 Tier List

Main DPS

Tier Pyro Cyro Hydro Electro Dendro Anemo Geo
SS Hu Tao, Lyney Kamisato Ayaka Neuvillette, Tartaglia Raiden Shogun Alhaitham Wanderer, Xiao Arataki Itto
S Yoimiya, Xiangling Wriothesley, Ganyu Furina, Nilou, Yelan, Kamisato Ayato Yae Miko, Fischl Nahida, Tighnari Sucrose, Kaedehara, Kazuha Albedo, Navia
A Dehya, Diluc, Yanfei, Thoma, Klee Eula, Kaeya, Rosaria, Charlotte, Freminet Kokomi, Mona, Xingqiu Cyno, Keqing, Lisa, Beidou Dendro, Traveler Heizou, Jean Venti
Ningguang, Zhongli, Noelle, Geo Traveler
B Xinyan, Amber, Bennett Layla, Shenhe, Aloy, Mika, Diona, Chongyun, Qiqi Candace, Barbara, Hydro Traveler Dori, Kuki Shinobu, Kujou Sara, Razor, Electro Traveler Yaoyao, Collei, Baizhu, Kirara, Kaveh Faruzan Sayu, Anemo, Traveler, Lynette Yun Jin, Gorou


Tier Pyro Cyro Hydro Electro Dendro Anemo Geo
SS Xiangling Rosaria Yelan, Nilou, Neuvillette, Furina Yae Miko, Fischl Nahida Sucrose, Kaedehara, Kazuha Albedo
S Thoma, Dehya Kaeya Kamisato Ayaka, Ganyu Xingqiu, Tartaglia, Kokomi Raiden Shogun Beidou Tighnari, Dendro Traveler Jean Arataki Itto, Geo Traveler
A Hu Tao Yoimiya, Yanfei, Diluc, Lyney Eula, Wriothesley Mona, Kamisato, Ayato Kuki Shinobu Lisa, Keqing Alhaitham Heizou, Venti Wanderer, Xiao Zhongli, Noelle, Chiori
B Xinyan, Amber, Bennett, Klee Layla, Shenhe, Aloy, Mika, Diona Chongyun, Qiqi, Freminet, Charlotte Candace, Barbara Cyno, Dori, Kujou Sara Razor, ElectroTraveler Yaoyao, Collei, Baizhu, Kirara Faruzan, Sayu, Anemo Traveler, Lynette Yun Jin, Gorou, Ningguang


Tier Pyro Cyro Hydro Electro Dendro Anemo Geo
SS Bennett Shenhe Xingqiu, Kokomi, Furina Kuki Shinobu Nahida, Baizhu, Yaoyao Sucrose, Kaedehara Kazuha Yun Jin,  Zhongli
S Thoma Mona Kujou Sara, Beidou Tighnari, Kirara, Dendro Traveler Faruzan, Venti, Jean, Xianyun Albedo, Gorou
A Qiqi, Kaeya, Rosaria Barbara Collei Sayu, Lynette
B Xinyan Layla, Aloy, Mika, Diona, Chongyun Candace Dori Noelle

Top Tier Domination


Genshin Impact 4.5 Tier List
Image via HoYoverse

This Hydro powerhouse has surged to the top, dethroning previous Hydro DPS options. He excels at dishing out damage with his Charged Attacks, which scale with HP, making him easy to build. His versatility shines in various team compositions, particularly Tazer comps, and his synergy with Furina is phenomenal. Neuvillette’s reign as the best Hydro DPS seems secure for the foreseeable future.


While not surpassing Hu Tao, Lyney has surprised players with Pyro DPS potential rivaling hers. His straightforward kit focuses on raw Pyro damage through Attack scaling, making him ideal for mono-Pyro teams, but he can also function in Vaporize compositions. Lyney’s arrival has revitalized characters like Dehya, making them more viable in the current meta.


Image via HoYoverse

True to Archon form, Furina has completely reshaped the meta. Her true strength lies in her party-wide damage buff, which comes at the cost of HP. Scaling purely off HP and boasting the unique Ousia/Pneuma element, Furina opens up a plethora of new team possibilities. Her role as a damage amplifier makes her a highly coveted addition to any party.


Often overlooked, Baizhu’s value is rising with the arrival of new characters. The recent updates have revealed a surge in his usability and viability, particularly alongside Furina. With the Fontaine region still unfolding, Baizhu’s potential for even greater synergy with upcoming characters remains exciting.

This tier list provides a snapshot of the current power rankings in Genshin Impact. As the game evolves and new content arrives, the meta will undoubtedly continue to shift. Keep an eye out for future updates to stay ahead of the curve!