Genshin Impact 4.4 Lantern Rite Free 4-Star: Who Should You Choose?

Lantern Rite is here again, and that means another free 4-star character to add to your Genshin Impact roster! But with so many options from Liyue, who should you choose?

Genshin Impact 4.4 Lantern Rite Free 4-Star: Who Should You Choose?

Before diving into the contenders, let’s address how to claim your prize. Simply gather 800 Festival Fever by participating in the event’s vibrant sub-events like Paper Shadows A-Foraging. Once you reach this mark, head to the event page and click “Invite Character” to welcome your chosen hero to your party.

Now, onto the stars of the show! Here are the frontrunners for your free 4-star, considering both their overall strength and potential for improvement through Constellations:

Top Tier:

  • Xingqiu (C6): This Hydro powerhouse excels as an off-field support, unleashing devastating rainswords and boosting your team’s damage. Aiming for his C6 unlocks his true potential, making him a universal gem.
  • Xiangling (C4): This Pyro queen dishes out fiery fury both on and off the field. Her C4 significantly enhances her burst damage, making her a valuable asset for many team compositions.

Alternative Allure:

  • Yaoyao: If you lack a Dendro healer, Yaoyao offers unique utility with her healing and elemental reactions.
  • Gaming (Constellation 5): If you’re close to unlocking Gaming’s C6, selecting him can solidify his power as a Pyro DPS.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Beidou: A versatile Electro sub-DPS with high damage potential.
  • Yun Jin: A Geo support who buffs Normal Attack damage, especially valuable for Geo and Physical DPS characters.

Characters to Consider Less:

  • Ningguang: While powerful, she requires specific team setups and investment to shine.
  • Chongyun: His ability to convert attacks to Cryo can be situational.
  • Xinyan: Her Pyro DPS potential is outshone by other options.
  • Yanfei: A decent Pyro DPS, but often overshadowed by Xiangling.

Remember: This is just a suggestion, and the best choice is ultimately yours! Pick a character you like, fits your team, or sparks your interest. After all, Genshin Impact is about enjoying the journey and having fun with your favorite characters.

Bonus Tip: The free 4-star is a yearly tradition, so if your desired character isn’t available this time, don’t fret! You’ll have another chance next year during the next Lantern Rite celebration.

So, Travelers, who will you choose to join your adventures? May your Lantern Rite be filled with joy and powerful new companions!