How to Collect All 3 Carp Spirit Orbs in Genshin Impact 4.4

The “An Ancient Sacrifice of Sacred Brocade” World Quest in Genshin Impact tasks you with retrieving three Carp Spirit Orbs scattered across the majestic Mt. Xuanlian. Fear not, fellow travelers, for this guide will illuminate the path to their discovery!

How to Collect All 3 Carp Spirit Orbs in Genshin Impact 4.4

To begin your quest for the Carp Spirit Orbs, make your way to Mt. Xuanlian. Once there, activate your Adeptal Energy to uncover Spirit Carp statues, each marked with a blue quest point on your map.

Carp Spirit Orb #1

  1. Glide down from the teleport point to reach the first Spirit Carp location.
  2. Search for the Jade Incense Cauldron puzzle beside the locked Spirit Carp statue.
  3. Solve the puzzle by lighting up all the censers using Adeptal Energy.
  4. Jump towards the floating boulder with a deactivated Cauldron, activate it, and align the censers on a wooden ledge across from you.
  5. Activate the Jade Incense Cauldron to light all censers simultaneously, unlocking the first Spirit Carp statue.

Carp Spirit Orb #2

  1. Use the glowing orbs to teleport and acquire the Jade Cascade.
  2. A prompt appears, instructing you to move the waterfall. Use Adeptal Energy to move the Jade Cascade to the adjacent slot.

Genshin Impact Spirit Orbs

  1. The Sacred Spring activates the Spirit Carp statue, granting you the second Orb.

Carp Spirit Orb #3

  1. Head east on the map, near Mt. Aocang, to find the third Spirit Carp statue.
  2. Clear the area of any Hilichurl resistance.
  3. Repeat the process of moving the Jade Cascade to activate the final Spirit Carp statue.
  4. Collect the last Orb, marking the completion of “An Ancient Sacrifice of Sacred Brocade.” Head to the Pavilion to claim your Golden Carp reward!

Congratulations, adventurer! You’ve successfully collected all three Carp Spirit Orbs in Genshin Impact 4.4, unraveling the mysteries of Mt. Xuanlian. As your reward, claim the coveted Golden Carp from the Pavilion and relish in the triumph of completing this captivating World Quest. May your journey through the mystical realms of Teyvat continue, filled with adventure and discovery!