Gal Gadot’s wildest looks ever | red-hot dress, sports bra, and cheeky snap

Today is Gal Galdot’s 38th birthday, and we can only imagine how she will be celebrating. So, let’s check out some of her sexiest photos right now.

Gal has starred in numerous films, most notably as Wonder Woman in the DC Cinematic Universe and as Gisele Yashar in the action flick Fast & Furious.

The stunning woman married Israeli real estate developer Jaron “Yaron” Varsano in 2008, and the couple now has three daughters together.

The beautiful diva has gotten many comments on her appearance over the years, and in 2017 she was ranked first on FHM’s “100 Sexiest Women in the World” list.

  • Crackling grin

(Image: Instagram)

She drew her tongue out for this throwback shot.

  • Lovely beach

(Image: Instagram)

On the sand, Gal seemed well at home.

  • Red-hot dress

(Image: Instagram)

That red dress was perfect for her.

  • Sports bra

(Image: Instagram)

This girl is killing it on the beach in her tiny sports bra.

  • ‘Female executive’

(Image: Instagram)

In this stunning photo, she appeared to be in ‘business mode.’

  • Lie on a chair

(Image: Instagram)

Gal flaunted her stunning natural beauty.

  • Without pants

(Image: Instagram)

This stunning photo was taken before she decided to don a pair of pants.

  • Casual look

(Image: Instagram)

She was gorgeous even in her everyday clothes.