Funny Quote of the Day: Eva Longoria Talks About Her ‘Squawking’ Laugh

Eva Longoria laughs like a deranged hyena apparently, which isn’t a negative thing, but it has been described as ‘squawking’ which sounds like something vaguely gross and unusual to say the least. Speaking on her strange laughter, Eva comments that she doesn’t see what’s wrong with her unique laugh but it has become something she’s known for:

“I do not understand what’s so strange about the way I laugh, but I’m afraid to be alone to think (laughs). It has become a sort of trademark: Recently a lady in a restaurant, sitting across the room, came to present themselves after having heard from afar. He confessed to me recognized by the laughter.”

In the same interview, Eva responds to Zac Efron’s recent declaration that he would love to date the Desperate Housewives star, to which she jokes that she could end up in jail for such an offense:

“I am very flattered by that, although I do not know exactly how old Zac is and I suspect that could put me in jail if I accepted his proposal.”

Commenting on the hit show finally coming to an end, Eva says that it is an emotional moment and one that the crew didn’t want to let go of when they finished up on the last episode:

“The last slate was very emotional. At the end of the day no one wanted to leave the set and went on to drink and chat for hours, remembering all the more significant moments of the past eight years together.”