Fortnite OG Chapter 2 Leaks: Chapter 2, Season 2 Map Confirmed?

Get ready for a blast from the past! Fortnite dataminers have uncovered exciting clues suggesting a return to a beloved era in the game’s history: OG Chapter 2.

Fortnite OG Chapter 2 Leaks: Chapter 2, Season 2 Map Confirmed?

This follows the surprise release of the “Reload” mode, featuring a map cobbled together from iconic Chapter 1 locations. While a welcome dose of nostalgia, some players worried it might replace the previously announced return of OG Fortnite in 2024.

Thankfully, it appears Epic Games has something else planned. According to reliable Fortnite insider HYPEX, dataminers have found evidence pointing towards a dedicated “OG Chapter 2” mode in the latest update.

The information comes from Twitter user t3ctor, who claims the mode has been in development for at least six months, potentially longer. Additionally, leaks suggest the mode will utilize the map from Chapter 2, Season 2.

Fortnite OG Chapter 2
Image via @t3ctor

Further details found by t3ctor and boredcrow24 reveal a possible codename for the mode: “Apollo Retro.” This aligns with the “Ch2S2 retro map” reference found in the game’s data, seemingly confirming the specific era of Fortnite being revisited.

This shift towards Chapter 2 makes sense, considering Epic’s promise to differentiate this OG mode from the 2023 iteration. While technically a bit less “original gangster” compared to last year’s Chapter 1 focus, a recreated OG Season 2 on the Chapter 2 map is bound to ignite nostalgia for many players.

So, if you miss the days of the Chapter 2 map and its unique locations, keep your eyes peeled for further developments on the “Apollo Retro” mode!

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