Fortnite Update Schedule Leaked: Summer Event, Content Drought, and a Super Season 4

A leaked update schedule has charted the course for the next few months, revealing the summer event, a potential content lull, and the explosive launch of Season 4.

Fortnite Update Schedule Leaked: Summer Event, Content Drought, and a Super Season 4

Thanks to leaker ShiinaBR, we now have a purported Fortnite update schedule for the rest of the year, stretching until October. Here’s a breakdown:

  • June 25th: v30.20 (expected summer event launch)
  • July 23rd: v30.30
  • August 6th: v30.40
  • August 16th: Season 4 Launch
  • September 4th: v31.10
  • September 17th: v31.20
  • October 1st: v31.30
  • October 15th: v31.40

The not-so-great news is that after the summer event update on June 25th, there won’t be another major update until July 23rd – a whole month with no big content drops. This has Fortnite fans worried, especially after last year’s underwhelming summer update. Players are hoping this year’s event delivers enough cool stuff to keep them engaged during the dry spell.

fortnite season 4 schedule
Image via Epic Games

Thankfully, the wait won’t be all bad. After July, players can expect two major updates every month leang up to the launch of Season 4 in August. The highlight? The highly anticipated launch of Season 4 on August 16th. Leaks have already revealed the first skin for the new season, hinting at a brand new superhero with unique gameplay mechanics.

So, while there might be a content lull this summer, Fortnite seems poised to pick up the pace later this year. Stay tuned for more updates on the summer event and the exciting developments coming in Season 4!

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