Fortnite Kratos Skin: A Potential Godly Return?

The winds of change might be blowing legendary warrior Kratos back onto the Fortnite island! This ultra-rare skin, last seen in 2021, has players buzzing with anticipation of a potential return.

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Fortnite Might Get a Kratos Revival: Here’s What We Know

Kratos’ last appearance in the Fortnite Item Shop was way back in March 2021. However, recent leaks and in-game updates suggest his return is imminent. According to reliable leakers, Epic Games recently updated Kratos’ bundle within Fortnite. This move often precedes the return of a skin, raising excitement among fans.

Fortnite Kratos

Adding fuel to the fire, God of War (2018) celebrates its sixth anniversary on April 20, 2024. This date holds significance as the Fortnite version of Kratos is based on this specific game. Many leakers believe this anniversary could mark Kratos’ glorious return to the battlefield.

Another factor supporting the April 20th theory is the historical trend of Epic releasing collaboration skins on Saturdays. Combined with the anniversary, this strengthens the possibility of a Kratos drop on that specific date.

The current Fortnite season’s focus on Greek Mythology provides another exciting potential. While the Fortnite Kratos reflects his more recent design, his origins lie in Ancient Greece. This thematic connection could pave the way for a brand new style, showcasing Kratos in his classic attire.

While Epic Games hasn’t officially confirmed anything yet, the leaks, in-game updates, and thematic connections paint a promising picture for Kratos’ return. Keep your eyes peeled on the Item Shop, especially around April 20th, and you might just witness the return of the Spartan warrior!