Fortnite 29.30 Release Date and Early Patch Notes: Tactical AR Return, Festival Season 3 & More

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 is in full swing, but Epic Games isn’t letting players get complacent. The next update, v29.30, is set to arrive soon, bringing with it a new season, weapon tweaks, and bug fixes. Here’s a look at the early patch notes!

Fortnite 29.30 Update Release Date and Downtime

  • Date:¬†Tuesday, April 23, 2024
  • Downtime:¬†Around 1 AM PDT / 4 AM EDT / 8 AM GMT (Expect servers to be offline for a few hours)

Early Patch Notes

Tactical AR Makes a Comeback

Leaks suggest the fan-favorite Tactical Assault Rifle is returning in v29.30. This versatile medium-range weapon with a built-in red dot sight was last seen in Chapter 4 Season 2. Get ready for more precise shots and strategic battles!

Festival Season 3 Kicks Off

Brace yourselves, because Fortnite Festival Season 3 is about to begin! The current Festival Pass timer points to its launch alongside update 29.30. While details are scarce, whispers suggest a new superstar will take center stage, following Lady Gaga’s reign in Season 2. Could it be Billie Eilish with her upcoming album release? We’ll likely know more before the update hits.

Fortnite 29.30
Image via Epic Games

Bug Fixes on the Horizon

Expect a wave of bug fixes to improve your gameplay experience. While the complete list remains under wraps, some confirmed fixes include:

  • Removal of the visual indicator for “First Match Loss Prevention” in Ranked modes (both Battle Royale and Zero Build).
  • Resolution for the “First match protected” text persisting across game modes.
  • Fix for the black screen issue encountered after skipping the Rocket Racing trailer.
  • Improved collision detection for tracks.
  • Addressing hitches experienced by console and mobile players while navigating the Discover Menu.

That’s a wrap for the early patch notes of the Fortnite v29.30 update! Stay tuned for the full patch notes with detailed information on all changes and additions once the update goes live.