Fortnite Guide – Dragon Ball Adventure Island & All 7 Dragon Balls locations

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Fortnite Dragon Ball Adventure IslandFind out where to look for the four Dragon Balls Fortnite players need to collect to unlock the Orange Piccolo Spray below.

Dragon Ball Adventure Island location in Fortnite

Enter the code 5642-8525-5429 on the Island Code tab to locate Dragon Ball Adventure Island. You can also find this map in the Creative modes under the ‘Discover’ tab. Once you’ve done that, you can start up Fortnite as usual, and you’ll be transported to a special map that includes several well-known locations from the Dragon Ball universe.

How to collect Dragon Balls in Fortnite

There are seven unique Dragon Balls on the map of Adventure Island. Once you’ve loaded the map, you’ll receive a message instructing you to visit the Quest Board to begin searching for each Dragon Ball. Upon completing each objective, you will receive an additional Dragon Ball to add to your collection. 

These mini-missions will take you all over the map, but you can quickly navigate by using the Spaceship and inputting the correct destination.

Locations and methods for acquiring each Dragon Ball on Adventure Island are detailed below.

Dragon Ball Number Location How to Unlock
1 Resort Area Pick it up next to the Quest Board.
2 Resort Area Use the Radar on the bench to ping the location.
3 Goku’s House Collect ingredients to craft three different fish for Goku.
4 Room of Spirit and Time Reach the end of the time trial.
5 Kami’s Palace Complete the Nimbus Cloud time trial.
6 Beerus Planet Use the Kamehameha to destroy five rocks.
7 Resort Area Find the other six Dragon Balls

That brings us to the end of our guide on how to get the Orange Piccolo Spray in Fortnite and claim each Dragon Ball on Adventure Island.

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