Forbidden Things When Drinking Milk

Milk is good drink for health, but incorrect habit of drinking milk can be harmful.

Milk contains a lot of nutrients such as calcium, magnesium and protein… that are very useful for people’s body. Therefore, many people tend to drink a lot of milk

However, not many people know that there are some forbidden things when drinking milk.

Taking medicine with milk is harmful to health. The following foods cannot be eaten with milk.

1. Milk and orange

You shouldn’t eat orange about 1 hour before or after drinking milk because protein in milk can combine with acid in orange. As a result, it will affect digestion and absorption milk in people’s body. Moreover, in this period, it isn’t suitable to eat other fruits containing acid feature.

You shouldn’t eat orange about 1 hour before or after drinking milk.

2. Milk and fruits

80% of protein in milk is casein. When you drink milk with fruits, the big amount of casein will accumulate, precipitate in your body and it’s difficult for you to digest and absorb. It can even lead to indigestion and diarrhea. Therefore, it isn’t suitable to add other fruit juices and drinks that are acidic in milk.

3. Hot milk and sugar

Milk contains lysine that will react with fructose in hot condition to create fructose toxin relying on lysine and it will be harmful to people’s body. Therefore, you shouldn’t add sugar to boiled fresh milk. You should add sugar after milk is cooling.

4. Milk and chocolate

Milk is rich in protein and calcium while chocolate contains oxalic acid. Eating 2 these foods together will lead to forming of unsaturated oxalate calcium, it has big effect to absorption of calcium. Besides, it can even cause come phenomena such as dried hair, diarrhea, slow growing…

You shouldn’t eat chocolate with milk.

5. Milk and medicine

When some people take medicine, they like to use milk to take medicine instead of filtered water. In reality, milk has remarkable effect to absorption of medicine in people’s body. It’s easy for milk to create a thin membrane on surface of medicine. Therefore, calcium, magnesium and other minerals in milk will have chemical reaction with medicine and it will create unsaturated substance in water, it will affect medicine’s effect. Therefore, you shouldn’t drink milk about 1 hour before or after taking medicine.

You shouldn’t drink milk about 1 hour before or after taking medicine.

To ensure absorption of nutrients in milk and health, you should pay attention to the above forbidden things and you must be careful with drinking milk. You also need to avoid effects that are caused by bad habits.