Top Skincare Tips to Hydrate Dry Skin & Get a Natural Glow

Posted by admin on February 7th, 2018

Don’t you just hate that feeling of having rough patches on your skin or having flaky skin that makes it look like your face would just crack? If you have naturally or genetically-inherited dry skin, it means you would have to keep up with your skin hydration routine every day. However, dry skin does not mean that your skin is going to age faster. If you stick to a skincare regimen, you can attain a lasting natural glow and allow the skin to retain moisture.

Dry skin could also be a result of rough environmental conditions, in which case you would have to protect your skin.
Here are the top skincare tips you could use to relieve dryness:

1. Drink lots of water
The remedy sounds simple yet it is should be your foremost priority. When your body is dehydrated, it would dry out the skin and reflect on your face.
Thus, drink at least eight glasses of water daily to keep your skin hydrated, prevent aging and retain a natural glow. You could keep up skin hydration by substituting water with fruits and vegetable a few times a week. Fruits have essential nutrients that repair skin tissues and regenerate cells, therefore, keeping you hydrated and preventing the skin from drying out too much.

2.Avoid showering with hot water
It is relaxing to have a hot shower or bath on a chilly day but you could be doing more harm than good to your skin. Even during winter months, the water should be warm enough to keep you from getting a cold.

Hot showers cause skin inflammation, itching, peeling and flakiness. When done repeatedly, hot water ruins your skin’s natural pH balance; removing natural oils that help retain moisture in the skin and allow skin cells to revitalize. Thus, hot water is too harsh on the skin and causes you to dry out.

This is apparent because when you wash your hair with hot water thinking it would get cleaner, you would actually be getting a flakier and itchier scalp. Just lukewarm showers can help you remain hydrated.

Furthermore, avoid bathing for a long time because prolonged washing wrinkles your skin. Think twice before standing in the shower for too long.

3. Switch to organic soaps or body washes

Normally, soaps and body washes that you get from your everyday grocery store contain harsh chemicals that can disrupt the skin’s pH balance and natural moisture.
If you want to maintain soft skin, you should switch to organic soaps body washes and herbal shampoos as they are gentle on the skin and help preserve moisture. Organic products are made out of essential oils with natural fragrances and non-artificial ingredients, therefore, they feel good on your skin and could even improve its texture in the long-run.

4. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize
This is a daily regimen that should not be skipped to keep your skin healthy. Invest in good quality creams and lotions and apply them on your face, neck, shoulders, arms and feet. Consult your dermatologist to determine which brands would be appropriate for your skin type and stick to that if it doesn’t cause any breakouts.

Avoid mattifying makeup. Get cream, liquid or heavy foundations that would help keep the skin moisturized. Remove makeup with micellar water solution as it improves skin in the long-run. Apply a light, breathable lotion before going to sleep. Always keep a hand cream in your purse on the go. Get non-comedogenic products as they don’t clog your pores.

5. Take a bath with rose water and honey
Trust us on this. The anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties of rose water would not only cleanse your skin but also keep it hydrated and enable it to retain moisture. Moreover, you would smell of roses coming out of the washroom and your skin would glow.

Therefore, stock up on organic rose water bottles; make sure they don’t have chemicals or preservatives. Add half a bottle of rose water to your bath with one teaspoon of honey. This is you simplest remedy to keep skin hydrated and radiant.

Other than that, it’s important to keep your lips hydrated as well. Get good quality, moisturizing lip balms and keep them with you. Avoid matte lipsticks. Always wear sunblock because sun rays can cause skin to shed and result in premature aging. Finding a product that works for you is all a matter of what sort of skin type you have and by reading proactive plus reviews you will know what would work best for you as skincare varies from skin type to skin type.

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