Foods That Provide Shiny, Smooth, And Attractive Hair

Posted by admin on May 10th, 2022

Nutritious diets that suit with hair types is one of factors importantly affecting hair health. The followings are some eating tips that women have strong, beautiful, attractive hair.

A healthy, sensible diet is very good for human health. One importance thing that everybody knows is that daily balance diets with lots of vegetables, fruits, cereal and protein will help the hair have normal developments.

According nutrition specialists, the body that is lack of iron, copper and other minerals can make your hair soon get hoary. Therefore, you should eat more animal liver, egg yolk, black sesame, walnut and soy…

Foods That Provide Shiny, Smooth, And Attractive Hair

Nutritious diets that suit with hair types is one of factors importantly affecting hair health.

People have heavy hair loss should be provided more protein and micronutrients like calcium, iron and sulfur. Foods contain those micronutrients including black beans, eggs, milk. Black sesame…

In order to have strong beautiful hair and prevent hair loss, you should choose suitable foods with a variety of nutrients that suit with your hair condition.


That people have regular hair loss is due to body’s iron deficiency. Therefore, it’s necessary to provide foods that are rich in iron, such as peas, eggs, shrim, fish, cooked peanuts, spinach, turnips, bananas, carrots…

Iron in banana can prevent hair loss.

Veggie protein

As hair mainly includes protein, if you have low-protein diets, you should improve it by adding meat, eggs, beans, grains and milk products… to have beautiful hair. If your hair is dry, splitting and weak, you should eat soy, black sesame and corn…

Vegetables and fruits

Physical and spiritual tiredness in a long run, eating too much pure sugar and fatty foods are harmful to hair. Most of fruits and vegetables have antioxidant effects, so it’s very good for health and hair.

Eat more vegetables and fruits


The thyroid can strongly affect hair shyness. Adding iodine can improve the thyroid’s evacuation and be helpful to hair. You can eat tangle, seaweed and oysters.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E can prevent hair aging and stimulate hair growth. You can eat more foods like fresh lettuce, cabbage and sesame.

So, eating lots of fresh vegetables and fruits is one of effective way to protect hair.

Cabbage can protect hair from aging

Additionally, water is an important part in health because most of the body is water. Dehydration will make the head skin dry and make the hair easily fall out. Provide yourself water from the inside will bring you a healthy, strong hair.

Drinking 8 classes of water a day is good for your health and hair. You can drink mineral water, herbal tea, juice for instead. Nonetheless, avoid alcohol and soft drink.

To have beautiful hair, stay away from high heat. When shampooing, you should use cold water to make the epidermis closed and straight. The hot water will make hair dry, lose shyness. Dry hair with moderate heat and up to down to keep the epidermis straight. Do not use too many products to create hair style because they will cover the hair and bring hair desaturations.

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