5 Unique Ways to Style Bob-Length Hair

Many people think having more hair means more styling options so they avoid snipping off their locks – but there are plenty of hairstyle options for those who opted for the growing hair trend that is ‘bob length’ – just look at models Karlie Kloss and Toni Garrn who recently chopped off their long hair. Here are just 5 of many ways to style bob-length hair, proving that you don’t have to wear your hair in the same way if you opt to cut it all off. 

  1. Retro Waves

Take out your curling iron and look to vintage pin-ups or think ‘The Great Gatsby’ as you add quite loose but precise curls to your hair, finish the look with hairspray to hold. 

  1. Sleek & Straight

Want something slightly more modern looking? Spritz your hair with heat spray before flat ironing your hair poker straight – add bold makeup if you’re going out for the night to draw even more attention to your face. 

  1. Side Parted

It’s as easy as changing your parting! Slick your hair to the side using a fine comb to create a perfect new side parting in your hair. Your may need some hair spray to hold it all in place and keep the look tidy. 

  1. Messy Surf Waves

Bedhead hair continues to look amazing, especially at bob length! Scrunch wet hair and apply a beach wave product to create naturally messy hair with loose waves. Don’t comb, just tidy so it’s not too dishevelled. 

  1. The Mohawk

Separate a small section of hair at the front top of your head and behind this layer, gently backcomb to create a Mohawk. Sweep the front section back over the backcombed part and slick sides down with gel to complete the look.