Fans of This Morning go absolutely berserk when Jennifer Aniston uses profanity while appearing live on television

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During Thursday’s episode of This Morning, Jennifer Aniston accidentally cursed on air, much to the delight of the show’s devoted audience.

The audience of This Morning goes wild when Jennifer Aniston cusses on air

Fans of This Morning go absolutely berserk when Jennifer Aniston uses profanity while appearing live on television
(Source: Wikipedia)

In an interview with Adam Sandler to promote Murder Mystery 2, Jennifer Aniston accidently cussed on live TV, and the audience for Thursday’s This Morning went wild.

The 54-year-old Friends star made a video appearance on the ITV show to promote their new Netflix movie, Murder Mystery 2. Adam Sandler also made an appearance on the show.

Jennifer was “scared to fall off the Eiffel Tower” as one of the actors put it, according to the conversation between the two stars.

An Adamic Proposition “they called ‘action’ and she didn’t jump, and I just snuck up and pushed her. It was just fun to see that reaction!”

But then Jennifer muttered”s***s and giggles” instead of “snickers,” and everything went downhill from there.

Upon hearing this, Jennifer responded with, “Yes, just for s***s and giggles!” to which she quickly covered her mouth in shock. before covering her mouth in disbelief.

Phillip Schofield, host of This Morning, laughed out loud, and Holly Willoughby apologized, saying, “Sorry about that, sorry!”

Jennifer, blushing, replied, “I’m sure you can bleep that!” as Phillip explained: “No, no, it’s live but don’t worry – we love it, it’s fine!”

As they watched the scenario unfold, viewers at home were left in fits of laughter and turned to Twitter to express their delight.

It was stated by one individual: “She said s**t on morning tv lol #ThisMorning.”

Another way of looking at it: “Hilarious: Jennifer Aniston cusses on This Morning.

As one of her fans put it, Jennifer saying s***s and giggles is the best part of this interview #thismorning.”

Another spectator commented: “#ThisMorning Oh how I love Jennifer Aniston! She is so funny.”

“Jennifer Aniston saying s***s & giggles then immediately panicking #ThisMorning” another viewer joked.

In the words of another viewer of This Morning: “Jennifer saying s***s and giggles on live TV has cracked me up. I love this woman #ThisMorning.”

An further observer commented: “Jennifer Aniston saying s***s & giggles then saying you can bleep that out. No hun, it’s live #ThisMorning.”