Exercises That Can Rejuvenate Eyes

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Crow’s feet, ptosis and puffy eyes are a few problems coming when people get old. Many people believe that it’s possible to have younger look with good skin care and eye exercises. There’re eye exercises that practicing them twice a day can strengthen the muscles around eyes and make you look younger.

Puffy eye


Your face will look much younger without puffy eyes.

Sit straight and close our eyes. While your eyes are closed, lift your eyebrows up and keep them at the position in 2 seconds. After that, release them in 2 seconds then open your eyes widely and remain the position in another 2 seconds. Repeat doing the exercise about 10 times. Do it twice a day to reduce the puffy eyes that can make you look old.



Ptosis is one of eye’s problems that take away your fresh look.

Gently place your index finger and middle finger on the eye’s corner that meets your eyebrows. Blink while fighting against the feeling that your eyes are trying to push your fingers inside. Blink for 5 times then take a one-minute rest before doing the exercise all over again. Do the exercise twice a week to take off some years caused by the puffy eyes from your looks.

Enlarge your eyes


To make your eyes look bigger and younger, do the exercise regularly.

Put the middle finger and the index finger right beside the outside corner of your eyes where it meets your eyebrows. Open your eyes as much as you can without using your forehead. Repeat the exercise 20 times in the morning and evening will help your eyes look bigger and help them look younger.