Ewan Mcgregor Felt “Embarrassed” because of London Riots

Scottish actor Ewan Mcgregor has revealed that the riots in London last year made him feel embarrassed. Ewan believes that the riots achieved nothing and possibly just caused people to be even more cautious than before. He also believes that mob culture was to blame and he doesn’t even think people knew why they were angry and rioting:

“It was like mob culture. People were doing despicable things. They were angry but about what? All they achieved was to make everybody get even more conservative and tighten up…”

Ewan comments that he felt embarrassed because the riots showed that there are many issues going unaddressed, while people were also acting out simply because they could bag freebies by stealing from looted stores:

“What happened in London made me feel embarrassed. It showed that there’s unrest and dissatisfaction and that should be addressed. But people breaking windows in (sportswear store) Foot Locker and trying on shoes before they steal them isn’t saying anything other than, ‘I’m a thief and I don’t want to pay for my stuff.'”