Evan Rachel Wood Shares Her Skin Regime & Homemade Facial Masks

Posted by PZ on January 28th, 2016


Evan Rachel Wood has opened up on her skincare regime, sharing how she keeps her skin looking great. The actress reveals she regularly has to switch products because they can stop working. At the moment she uses a collagen-boosting moisturiser. She commented:

“I have to change up my routine every year because my skin gets used to it. I will find a miracle product for a while, and then my skin adapts and it won’t work anymore. (Right now) I wear La Roche-Posay (Anthelios) SPF 60 every day, and I always use St. Ives collagen-booster moisturiser. It smells great, and it helps your skin not lose elasticity.”

Evan says she often makes her own facial masks to treat her skin. She loves using raw manuka honey and cinnamon on her face, mixing the two together to create a paste before applying it:

“Manuka honey is really amazing for sensitive, acne-prone skin. I put it all over my face with cinnamon—that gives it a more pasty quality. You look like you just stuck your head in chocolate pudding.”

She also loves perfume and believes it’s important to spray it on bare skin as well as clothing so that the scent lingers and people will remember your signature scent:

“I think it’s good to put it on bare skin when your pores are still open (like after the shower), so it’s on your clothes, but it’s also (still there) if clothes aren’t in the equation. I think the senses ignite imagination. It can help make memories – you leave your mark with someone a little more prominently when you have a signature scent.”


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