Eva Longoria’s 15 Best Hairstyles, Hair Colors and Cuts

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Eva Longoria’s haircuts in Desperate Housewives are always modern and elegant. She tries out many different looks, but her go-to length of hair is always long. She maintains her stunning appearance by dyeing her hair and experimenting with new, modern takes on classic styles.

Let’s take a look back at the 15 best hairdos Eva has ever had and hopefully take some cues from them.

List 15 of Eva Longoria’s favorite hairstyles

  • Long straight dark brunette updo hairstyle
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Look to Eva Longoria for tips on how to achieve her signature low ponytail.

Ponytails are a quick and easy method to cover up a bad hair day, but they can be dull if you wear them too often.

This ponytail is perfect for long hair, but it can be done with medium length hair as well. If you have long hair and are searching for a style that will keep it out of your face, try this updo! The hair is teased at the roots for height and lift, and then tied back in a basic yet stylish pony tail.

  • Long wavy burgundy brunette hairstyle
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This lengthy and sophisticated style is made even more formal by the addition of subtle waves to the front. If you have long hair and want a sophisticated look that will turn heads, this is the haircut for you. Split ends can be avoided with regular trims every 4 to 6 weeks.

  • Long wavy black mocha hairstyle with dark brunette highlights
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The formal ‘do has medium-to-long layers cut all the way through the sides and back, which helps the waves added for style to bounce and move. This style is perfect for a night out on the town and can easily be recreated with a blow-wave.

  • Long straight dark brunette updo hairstyle with side swept bangs
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This look is perfect for those with a round face shape since the long, luxurious locks are teased at the roots and fastened in the back to create a traditional beehive shape. The long bangs are brushed to the side, which both softens the face and perfectly finishes off the style.

  • Long straight dark mocha brunette updo hairstyle
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These luscious dark brunette locks are styled in a classic chignon and fastened to the head. This style is guaranteed to get you noticed at any formal event. It will take some effort and styling product to achieve this look.

  • Long wavy chocolate brunette hairstyle
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These stunning chocolate brown tresses are worn loose and cascading over the shoulders to showcase the additional waves from the mid-lengths to the ends. If you require hold and sparkle, this gorgeous ‘do is perfect for a big occasion.

Maintaining a neat and healthy appearance requires a trim every 4 to 6 weeks.

  • Long straight hairstyle
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This formal ‘do is perfect for framing a long face because to the layers cut into the sides and back, which are then blown out to create texture. Maintaining this style calls for a trim every four to six weeks and the use of a shine and hold product.

  • Long wavy dark brunette hairstyle
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This laid-back style is cut in a straight line across the back and into soft layers along the front and sides. The top is divided down the middle, and the mid-lengths and ends are given soft movement to balance out a round face.

Shine and hold can only be achieved with the help of product, and split ends can be avoided with regular trims.

  • Long wavy dark mocha brunette hairstyle
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This glossy brown mane is styled with soft curls from the mid-lengths to the ends, which adds volume and definition. This hairstyle is perfect for round faces since the top is parted in the middle and smoothed down.

With the correct products and equipment, you can recreate this look in your own bathroom.

  • Long straight dark brunette hairstyle
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Straight hair does wonders for Eva Longoria’s beauty. The key to this style is keeping everything sleek and basic.

The layers in these tresses are jaggedly cut through the front and sides, and then blow-waved straight from the roots to the ends. This style’s center part is flattering on round faces and can be maintained with regular trims to avoid broken ends.

  • Medium wavy dark brunette bob haircut with light brunette highlights
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To add movement and structure to this style, soft waves and curls are applied to the sides and back. This easy-to-recreate ‘do requires product to control fly-away hair and is easy to recreate with the appropriate tools.

Regular trims will also aid in the maintenance of a healthy appearance and feel by preventing split ends.

  • Long wavy light brunette updo hairstyle
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Eva Longoria opts for a conventional up-do here, putting her hair up in the back and leaving her curls out in the front.

The gorgeous haircut is simple to replicate at home. This hairdo is pulled back and put in place to produce a delicate up-do that is sure to turn heads at any occasion.

  • Medium wavy brunette hairstyle
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Eva Longoria’s medium-layered ‘do is simple and elegant, and it complements her face perfectly. This hairstyle has been curled and shaped to separate the waves and provide volume around the face. The crown roots are teased to provide height and lift, making this a wonderful ‘do for folks with round or square facial shapes.

  • Long straight dark brunette hairstyle with blunt cut bangs and light brunette highlights
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This new cut really brings off Eva Longoria’s natural beauty.

You may quickly and easily achieve this look in the morning. Hairstyles can be chosen for both formal occasions and more relaxed get-togethers with friends.

Eva’s natural hair color is complemented by her highlights, which stand out beautifully against her straight hair. Before you straighten your hair, you should apply a product to help protect it from the heat of the iron.

  • Long wavy black hairstyle with side swept bangs
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This entertaining haircut, popularized by actress Eva Longoria, is perfect for showcasing your own beautiful hair and the qualities you want to highlight.

Diamond shaped faces are best suited to shorter hairstyles because of the narrower foreheads. Her curls aren’t tightly defined, so you may do whatever you want with them.

If you want to maintain the shape of your haircut and the quality of your ends, you should have a haircut around every four weeks.