Beyonce’s 18 Favorite Hairstyles, Hair Colors and Cuts

Beyonce Knowles sets the standard as the most sexy and flawless queen in the world. Let’s take a look at Beyoncé’s top ten hairdos and maybe you’ll find some ideas for your own!

We have separated the hairdos into numerous groups, such as straight and wavy. No matter which path you take, you will look stunning.

List 18 of Beyonce’s favorite hairstyles

  • Long curly dark brunette hairstyle
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By keeping her curls long and loose, Beyonce is embracing her natural curls. To achieve maximum volume, her curls were started from her roots and extended all the way down to her ends. Each curl and wave was also sculpted individually to frame her entire face.

This style will look best on naturally curly hair. Her skin tone is warmed by the rich mocha color, and her curls are beautiful, defined, and free of frizz.

  • Long wavy brunette hairstyle
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After spending some time getting her curls teased and ruffled for the evening, this stunning diva had good reason to be happy. Short layers were clipped out of the back and sides to even out the length and soften the perimeters. Her stunning use of color served to contrast her overall look, drawing attention to her beautiful features.

  • Long wavy dark chocolate brunette hairstyle
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Beyonce Knowles wore her hair long and lush for the New York premiere of Cadillac Records. Her waves were highlighted and her appearance was mellowed by the addition of long layers to the perimeter of her cut.

You may achieve the same look by using a large curling iron or a decent blow-wave on your hair.

  • Long straight light golden brunette hairstyle with side swept bangs
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The intended effect was one of polished sophistication. Under the jaw, jagged-cut layers provide definition, while side-swept bangs frame and complement the face.

  • Long curly blonde and brunette two-tone half up half down hairstyle
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Beyonce looked stunning with this casual hairstyle at the 2011 MTV Awards.

The loose, low side ponytail is pushed to one side and pinned to produce this soft and sensuous style that suits her off-the-shoulder gown and is ideal for people searching for a hairstyle to accent a long face shape.

Her hair transitions smoothly from blonde to brown. This two-toned haircut is simple to replicate and suitable for any occasion.

  • Long curly dark brunette braided updo hairstyle with side swept bangs and light brunette highlights
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With highlights placed strategically throughout, this casual haircut features a braided section worn over the shoulder. You’ll need some hold and shine product to achieve this look at home.

  • Long wavy dark brunette and dark blonde two-tone hairstyle
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This lovely two-toned hairstyle is styled with precisely defined waves all the way down the sides and back, adding plenty of volume and bounce. This look is best suited for a long face and will require product for hold and shine.

  • Long wavy dark golden blonde and dark brunette two-tone hairstyle
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To add sensuality to this ombre hairstyle, waves are styled from the mid-lengths to the ends, and the hair is draped over one shoulder. This elegant hairdo can be recreated at home with the help of a few simple styling tools and cosmetics, making it perfect for formal events.

  • Short wavy light golden brunette bob haircut
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The volume and bounce of this cut come from the locks being blunt-cut at the ends and then left out to display the natural curls and waves through the sides and back. This cut is perfect for framing a long face, but the ends need to be pinched to provide emphasis. To keep looking and feeling your best, you should have a trim every 4 to 6 weeks.

  • Long straight black hairstyle with blonde highlights
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These lengthy locks have been center-parted and blow dried for a sleek, straight appearance. This hairstyle works best on naturally straight locks and requires frequent cuts to remove split ends. It is best suited to medium and thick hair.

Beyonce is wearing her thick locks in a sleek straight style that flatters her oval facial shape.

  • Long wavy auburn brunette hairstyle
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Beyonce maintained her rebellious locks while celebrating the premiere of Kelly Rowland’s new album, “Ms. Kelly.” Her hair was delicately layered around her mid-lengths and ends to shape her waves and give volume at the crown. This is an excellent choice for a night on the town.

  • Long curly caramel brunette hairstyle


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Beyonce’s lengthy, layered hairstyle at this year’s Fashion Rocks event is gorgeous. Beyonce’s hair was cut short of her shoulders and layered at an angle on top and sides to give it volume and frame her face. If your hair is medium to thick, this cut is suit you.

  • Long straight brunette hairstyle with light brunette highlights
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This length and cut are perfect for a romantic evening or a night on the town. The front of Beyoncé’s hair has been layered into soft face-framing layers for more style and texture, and the rest of her hair has been left below shoulder length.

  • Long curly chestnut brunette and dark brunette two-tone hairstyle
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Beyoncé bares all. This seductive singer’s hair has been layered longer all over to diminish volume and frame her face. With regular haircuts, you can keep this style looking fresh.

  • Long curly brunette hairstyle
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This is a powerful curl that will flatter most face shapes. Regular cuts will help keep this haircut looking great.

  • Long wavy hairstyle
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This is a very seductive and natural appearance. Beyonce’s hair has been styled with longer layers around her hairline. This style is flattering on many facial shapes.

  • Long wavy light caramel brunette hairstyle
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The long, wavy cut suits Beyonce perfectly. Long, soft layers have been carved into her top to give her more height and draw attention to her face. There’s a lot of class and sophistication in this look.

  • Long curly hairstyle
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Beyonce lets her hair loose in a Diana Ross–inspired fashion. Her hair has been layered from root to tip to give it extra volume and body when air-dried.

If you have curly hair, this is the style for you. Beyoncé’s hair has been given volume by having many angled layers chopped into it. The diva in you will love this low-maintenance look!

  • Long curly chocolate brunette hairstyle
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Have fun going crazy! This cut works particularly well with medium to fine hair. Beyonce’s hair is styled in long, angled layers that define her face and frame her face beautifully.