Eva Longoria Says Angelina Jolie is a Big Inspiration for her Charity Work

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Eva Longoria has revealed that fellow actress Angelina Jolie is a huge source of inspiration for her because Angelina doesn’t just support charities, she wholeheartedly contributes to them and gets involved because she genuinely cares about those she’s helping. She is also wowed by how much Angelina knows about the world and stays up to date with current affairs:

”I admire her (Angelina). She does the work. She’s not just a spokesperson; she is a hard worker and she gets it done. She is authentically tied to the causes she cares about and she knows so much. She is so knowledgeable of the world situation, so everything I am an advocate for.”

Eva, who has her own charity named ‘ The Eva Longoria Foundation’ which aims to help impoverished Latina women and children, believes that it is important to give back to those who your connected to in your own community when you can, which is why she’s currently creating new fundraisers for her foundation which helps those with a similar Latina background as her own (her parents are Mexican-Americans):

”The Eva Longoria Foundation raises funds primarily for Latina women and children. I will be having a Global Gift Gala to raise money in Marbella. And I’m going to have one in Istanbul. In the United States the demographic is changing so fast with the growing presence of Latinos. It is important for us politically to recognise that the future success of America is intricately linked to our community.”