Ellie Brown, star of “Love Island,” is praised for her “beauty” after removing her bra and wearing a dress that stays up thanks to sheer chance

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Ellie Brown, star of "Love Island," is praised for her "beauty" after removing her bra and wearing a dress that stays up thanks to sheer chance

Ellie Brown, a fan favorite on Love Island, was called “beauty” by her adoring admirers as she poured her curves into a strapless silk dress and appeared to go braless.

Ellie Brown of Love Island is praised for her “beauty” after going braless in a garment that stayed up thanks to sheer luck

Ellie Brown, a contestant on the 2018 season of “Love Island,” has wowed her followers with a new Instagram post in which she can be seen wearing what appears to be no undergarments.

Ellie continues to amaze her devoted fan base after a particularly provocative shoot with photographer ItsByCP for clothing brand Duo Daze, in which she posed entirely topless.

The 24-year-old ex-Love Island contestant looked stunning as she flaunted her beauty and embodied classic Hollywood style.

Ellie’s luck was the only thing keeping her dress, which was made of slinky lurex and had elbow-high gloves connected to it.

In the caption, she wrote, “Ohhh she fancy,” as she smized seductively into the camera.

A lot of people were gushing in the comments over this blonde stunner who became famous this year.

Another gushed, “Drop dead gorgeous,” while a second swooned: “Wow, you truly are perfection.”

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A second devoted follower commented, “A dream,” beneath the two photos.

The third one simply said, “Obsessed with you,” while the fourth one said, “I’ve had a crush on you for a while now, Miss Ellie.”

These photos are a continuation of a racy photo shoot in which the stunning actress wore only a pair of red PVC pants.

When fans called her “the most lovely woman in the world” and begged Ellie to establish OnlyFans, she wore only the red trousers and a glittering diamante necklace.

Newcastle native Ellie became an overnight sensation after appearing on Love Island in 2018.

Ellie and her partner on Love Island, Charlie Brake, didn’t make it to the finale, however they afterwards broke up, and Ellie was shortly linked to fellow islander Joey Essex.

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