Elie Saab Comments on Plan to Expand His Label in USA

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Elie Saab Comments on Plan to Expand His Label in USA_1

Lebanese luxurious fashion designer Elie Saab wants to expand his design business in the USA. He explains that now is the perfect time for the company to broaden its scope and he believes that they will be quite “aggressive” with launching their presence. He is very interested in opening stand-alone stores in Beverly Hills and New York City in the future as part of the plan. He explained:

“When we go for development, we like to be big in our scale and our vision. It is not like we want to be shy. We want to be present here and more powerful. I feel this is now the right time for the company to be aggressive in the States, not because of the market, which is always very consistent for luxury, but because it’s the right time for our company to take it to the next level. And with all this development we have, we try to open our shops also. I hope we can do that soon.”